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4 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 08/31]

This weekend, Phoenix gets its Egon on, wears cat ears, bangs its head to Castlevania III, and shouts “Up and at them!”

Thursday, Aug 28th

Ghostbusters: 30th Anniversary Screening


Holy crap, it’s been 30 years since the streams were crossed. Join the AZ Ghostbusters at Harkins Theater at Tempe Marketplace to celebrate. be there at 7pm to join the party.

Friday, Aug 29th

Saboten Con 2014


It’s the valley’s big Anime convention! Perfect your Attack on Titan salute then head out to Glendale and spend the entire weekend nerding out with other otaku. Guests, gaming, panels, you know what to expect.

the minibosses


I loved these guys as a teenager, before I even ventured into The AZ. I only found out they were from here a few years ago, and have seen them live a few times since. Do yourself a favor and catch them at least one and truly experience what the DuckTales theme song can be. At The Lost Leaf at 9pm SHARP.

Saturday, Aug 30th

Classic Simpsons Trivia: Round 3


Starts at 8pm and goes until you’ve bent your Wookie. Questions surround seasons 1 – 10 only. At Bragg’s Factory Diner. Prepare thyself.

Enjoy the long weekend!

8 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 08/17]

This weekend, Phoenix di-digs up dinosaurs, cosplays, and parties with local authors, Batman, and RoboCop.

Thursday, Aug 14th

Rifftrax Live: Godzilla

[All Over]

You’ve tried so hard to forget that Roland Emmerich made a Godzilla movie in the 90s, but now you must face it, and gain power over it through laughter. Follow the link above for theaters and tickets.

Friday, Aug 15th

SabotenCon Preview Night at Bookmans


The anime convention is showing up to host a mini-convention, so feel free to dress up and prepare for anime/video game Jeopardy! and more. Starts at 6pm at Bookmans Phoenix. Yatta!

Snowpiercer Playing at Filmbar


This sleeper sci-fi hit is playing all weekend, if you prefer to enjoy your cold distopias with friends and spirits. Starts at 7:15pm.

Dinosaur 13 at Harkins


Thought I’d mention that this documentary about paleontologists fighting for their T-Rex is playing at Shea 14, since I haven’t seen too much publicity for it, myself. Insert clever Jurassic Park reference here.

Dueling Dinosaurs


And because there is no such thing as too many dinosaurs, FilmBar is playing some dino-centric crazy Japanese shows at midnight.

Saturday, Aug 16th

Meet Local Authors


Our local pool of genre-writing talent is not small, and here’s a chance to get to know a few at The Phoenix Center for The Arts. It’s free! Starts at 10am and goes until 3:30pm.

Back to School with Batman


This is a family oriented event for a good cause. Help benefit Children First Academy, a school for homeless and impoverished children and their families, while enjoying Batman cosplay and everything else. From 11am to 4pm at Samurai Comics. It’s what Batman would want you to do.

Cult Classics: ROBOCOP


First you should serve the public trust, then protect the innocent, then uphold the law, THEN go see RoboCop at 9:30pm at the Tempe Pollack Theater with other fans.

Have a great weekend, you crazy kids!

3 (Maybe 4) Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix

This weekend, Phoenix snaps its fingers, mashes buttons, and may exceed power level 9000!!!

Friday, Aug 8th

Addams Family Values


I’m a sucker for the Addams Family movies. In a world stuffed with lame reboots and remakes these movies somehow shine, although the Addams’ may take offense at that idea. Watch in reverent horror as a young Christina Ricci brilliantly performs my favorite smile ever on film. (Here’s my 2nd favorite.) Show starts at the FilmBar at 9:30pm, but plays all weekend.

*Potential* DragonBall Z: Battle of Gods


*Update – They got the additional screening. Get tickets soon.* DragonBall Z is also playing all weekend at the FilmBar, but holy crap every show is already completely sold out. Lucky for us, they are actively working on adding have added a screening for Friday night at 11:30.

Saturday, Aug 9th

Video Game & Ninja Turtle Pizza Party at EndGame


I kept wanting to type “Ender’s Game” when I wrote that out for some reason. Anyway, video games, pizza, mutant turtles who are also ninjas and teenagers. You get the idea. Free for anyone who dresses up – preferably as Raphael, because he’s the best ninja turtle. Starts at noon, goes all night.

Sunday, Aug 10th

Get Pop-Cultured at Barnes & Noble


The big bookstore is hosting a celebration of pop culture (pretty much nerdery) and the Arizona Ghostbusters will be there to help. From 2pm to 6pm. Should be fun.