5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 08/02]

5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix

Weekending 8/02/15

Thursday, July 30th

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Haven’t used your fishnet stockings in a while? Well, if you need an excuse, there’s an RHPS party going on at The Firehouse followed by a screening at The Film Bar. Time-warpy!

Get your Frank-N-Furter on around 9pm.

Friday, July 31st

Harry Potter’s Birthday Party

Apparently it’s Harry’s big 35, and I have a very strong feeling that there are least some of you who already knew that. Either way, it’s hard to say no to an HP shindig, especially when Hufflepuff Haiku Contests are involved, which they are.

Join other fans at Lawn Gnome Publishing around 8pm.

Saturday, Aug 1st

Giant King of Tokyo Event

For some reason, I love when people take boardgames and make gigantic takes-up-an-entire-room versions of them. Makes me feel like that scene in Big when they’re playing on the giant keyboard, I guess. If you’ve never played King of Tokyo, don’t worry, it’s basically Yahtzee. You’ll pick it up in no time. You may even become… KING.

Check it out at Game Depot AZ starting at 10am.

Harry Potter & Never Letting Go

I’m also a big fan of fans diving deep into discussions about their favorite IPs. Enter the Potter Professors, who are setting up camp at the Southeast Regional Library to have an interactive discussion about all things Hogwarts. If you show up, don’t hold your inner HP fan back. Get in it.

Starts at 1pm, and be sure to register.

Sunday, Aug 2nd

Game On Expo: Volunteer Rally

This expo is throwing its hat in the valley’s ring of nerdy events, and they’re looking for a few good geeks. Show up at the AZ Collector’s Marketplace to check it out and maybe join the ranks.

Gets going around 2pm.

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 07/26]

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix

Weekending 7/26/15

Friday, July 24th

Nerdcore Night

The Trunk Space is starting to do Nerdcore Nights, and they’re at show number two.

If I had any rap skillz I’d make this sentence rhyme with the one before it. But I don’t.

Show up at 6:30pm, foolz.

80’s Adult Prom

See, when someone says they’re throwing an 80’s prom for free for the local community, I start getting ideas of all of us showing up in as much 80’s nerd culture attire as possible. I can’t help it.

Starts at Tumbleweed Recreation Center at 7pm.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure & Bike Ride

I’ve been told that this film is playing… in the Alamo… in the basement! Put on a red bow tie, bring a bike, ride around Phoenix for a bit, then relive the nightmares that Large Marge gave you as a kid. Filmbar is showing this big adventure (one of my favorites) all weekend, but the community bike ride is this Friday.

Check it out around 7:45, or I’ll keep knitting, and knitting, and knitting, aaaand knitting.

Saturday, July 25th

Farewell, LAN Speed Games

Gather ’round and shed a tear for LAN Speed and its many years of LAN Speedy goodness.

Also, bring some BBQ. Starts around 6pm and goes all night long.

Cosfest 2015

It’s a cosplay party. Who could ask for more? Everybody’s comin'; leave your civies at the door. I’m guessing it’s like a mini-comicon where all the panels are about cosplaying, which sounds pretty awesome if you’re big into said cosplaying.

Starts at 10am, location in the link above, yo.


Anti-Disney Disney Night

If you feel like arguing about whether or not Belle suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, or whether the Genie truly fulfilled Aladdin’s wish to be a prince (or just gave him a bunch of elephants so he could pretend to be a prince), let those questions fester deep inside you, then let them out in a white hot ball of rage at Anti-Disney Disney Night.

At the Firehouse Gallery around 8pm.



13 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 07/12]

13 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix

Weekending 7/12/15

Thursday, July 9th

Zombie Apocalypse Live!

I hope you already have a ticket to this “tactical live action zombie experience,” and if you do… I hope you survive.

At Fear Farm all weekend long.

Rifftrax Live! Sharknado 2

Look, if you’re going to make a Sharknado 2 then you’re gonna get a Rifftrax Live of it. Beaming into quite a few theaters in the valley.

Show starts at 7pm in the AZ.

Friday, July 10th

Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire Begins

Yea verily, I cheateth a bit with this event, for behold it is quite outside of yonder Phoenix. But if thy soul burneth for mayhem (and legs of lamb), then lo, get thyself to Pinetop-Lakeside this weekend for endless festivities.

Details in the link above, but prepare thyself for hard to read medieval typefaces.

Geeks vs Nerds in Downtown Mesa

Man, seems like Downtown Mesa has nerded up their 2nd Fridays quite a bit lately. This month is literally about nerds and geeks. Vintage video games, science trivia, costumes (I’m sure), and more.

Usually gets going around 7pm or so.

The City of Lost Children

Here’s your chance to see that weird video you used to walk past at Blockbuster all the time and wonder what it’s about – up on the big screen at the Filmbar.

Watch as Ron Perlman does his thing at 4:50pm (shows all weekend).

DC Comics Costume Party

The Desert Ridge Barnes & Noble is doing pop-culture stuff all month. This weekend is all about comics.

Costume party starts at 7pm, but use the link above to see a few other comic book related events they’re doing this weekend.

Sinners / Saints Dance Party

If you need an excuse to wear devil and/or angel costumes and rave the night away with other devils and/or angels, here you go. Kind’a (very?) adult themed.

Starts around 9pm. Deets in the link above.


Head back to the Filmbar for a 2015 film about giant mutant wasps. That’s pretty hard to say no to.

Shows at 10pm.

Mac Sabbath

The band Mac Sabbath is a real thing, they are a “drive thru metal” band, and evil Ronald McDonald will pack your salty mouth with so much rock (& fries) you’ll be the envy of every Jerry and Jane on the block.

At the Crescent Ballroom at 8:30pm.

The Very Last All Night LAN Party Ever

Some people love consuming dangerous levels of caffeine and locking themselves in a building with a bunch of other gaming nerds. This event is for these people, then will happen no more.

Starts at 10pm at LAN Speed Games, and you better show up before they lock the doors.

Saturday, July 11th

Dancing Through Fairy Tales

The perfect event for people who love both fairies and dancing, which I suspect are two decently correlated interests.

Starts at 7:30pm at the Tempe Center for The Arts. Shows all weekend.

Harry Potter Pub Crawl

You guys, I got a tip there’s a Harry Potter Pub Crawl going on this weekend. The link above is all I could find though, so I really hope it’s legit.

Starts (hopefully) at George & Dragon around 7pm.

Sunday, July 12th

Monthly Geeklesque

Endgame on Mill Ave continues to host its monthly dive into decadence. Sounds like it’s another ‘villain’ themed show.

Starts at 10pm.

8 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 07/05]

8 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 07/05]

This weekend, Phoenix crams most of its nerdy events into a couple of places.

Thursday, July 2nd

Phoenix Loves Sci-Fi

I’ve been excited about this one for a while now. Basically, some local film groups are helping to screen their best Sci Fi films, a lot of them locally made. Only $5 & it benefits the film groups.

Starts at 6pm, downtown at the Cronkite School of Journalism.

Friday July 3rd


The Heard Museum is letting kids become superheroes for the evening. Jousting and music will be part of it.

Radical. Starts at 6pm on Friday.

Friday & Saturday, July 3rd & 4th

(Since these events are all kinda brothers & sisters, I’m grouping them all together.)

Goonies / When Marnie Was There / Kung Fury / Shatner: The Lost Years

Here’s the plan. Gather food and resources then leave your place of comfort and head to the Filmbar to setup camp for the rest of the day. While you’re there, watch movies about kids who refuse to verbally accept their inevitable demise, a cop who was struck by lightning while being bitten by a cobra, and everything Shatner has been in that’s not Star Trek (set to psychedelic rock), and even a Studio Ghibli film.

See link above for showtimes.

Doctor Who / Dinosaurs / Outlander

Or you can head to Barnes & Noble at Desert Ridge who are doing a bunch of pop-culture events this month, starting with a Time Traveling Weekend.

Friday is a Doctor Who themed with trivia, giveaways & costumes, then Saturday is Dinosaurs, & Sunday takes you back to Ye Olde Scotland.

Happy 4th, y’all!

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 06/14]

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 06/14]

This weekend, Phoenix dances with dinosaurs, nerds out on main street, and wears a bra on its head.

Friday, Jun 12th

Sci-Fi 2nd Friday

If you’ve still got the itch for a comicon, Downtown Mesa is basically throwing a tiny one for you. Just show up (costumed or not) and enjoy the vendors, activities, costumes, and general nerd vibe. Super family friendly.

Usually gets going around 7:30pm-ish.

Weird Science

From my heart and from my hand, why don’t people understand how a Barbie doll plus science can get pretty weird? So, what do you little maniacs what to do first?

Starts at 5pm, with showings all weekend, at the Filmbar.

Alice In Wonderland Dance Party

Wake up, Neo, and follow the white rabbit to an Alice themed cyberpunk-fetish-steampunk-electro-industrial dance party. Maybe don’t take the kids to this one. Just a thought.

Starts at 9pm. See link above for location.

Saturday, Jun 13th

Salt River Pirates

Who’s ready to dress up as pirates and float down the Salt River? Cuz lots of other people are. I’ve never been but I hear this is quite a site to behold.

Rentals start at 8:30am.

MonsoonCon! 2015

This one sounds pretty cool. It’s a get together for storm junkies and weather enthusiasts. I’ve always secretly thought storm chasing would be really fascinating. If you feel the same way this may be worth checking out.

Starts at 10am at Gangplank Chandler.

Jurassic World Dance Party

These folks are digging up (ah? ah?) old tracks and spinning them all night so you can party like it’s 199,000,000 BC. Expect prizes, a dino-photobooth, and more.

Starts at 8:30pm See link for location.

Get out there, you crazy kids!

8 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 06/07]

8 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 06/07]

This weekend, Phoenix puts its comicon costume back on, gets mixed up in DnD, shakes hands with dinosaurs, and more.

Friday, Jun 5th


Brelby theater is putting on a play about a girl getting ready for comicon. Drama & comedy ensue. Sounds pretty cool, and I’m guessing you’ll get your fill of nerd culture references.

Lots of showings all weekend.

Cosplay Ball

Who said you could put that costume away just because Phoenix Comicon is over? Pull it back out and go to a ball this weekend, for crying out loud.

Starts at 6pm at the Heard Museum.

*Sith Rave

Just learned that the dark side of the force is converging on Phoenix this Friday in the nts nts nts-y form of a rave.

9:30pm at Haxan.

Mazes & Monsters

Remember when Tom Hanks got way too into DnD and had a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality because that’s what DnD does to you for realz? Well watch him do it again because it’s great.

Midnight at the Filmbar.

Saturday, Jun 6th

8bit Brewery Opens

Food trucks, geeky t-shirt contest, cosplay contest, beer.

Doors open at noon.

Jurassic World Promo

The Jurassic Park Jeep is showing up, as well as a few prizes and scientists to answer questions about di-di-dinosaurs.

At 1:30pm at the Museum of Natural History.

rePlay: Video Game Symphony

The Phoenix Symphony is going full blown Final Fantasy on you this weekend. Enjoy live performances from Halo and Elder Scrolls, and so on. Now I have One Winged Angel in my head.

Shows at 2pm and 7:30pm at Symphony Hall.

Dark Star: HR Giger’s World

Enjoy a documentary about the man who gave us the xenomorph (and a bunch of other crazy stuff).

Starts at 8pm at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Sunday, Jun 7th

Everything Is Terrible: LIVE

I can’t describe what a live show from EIT is like. It must be experienced. Sometimes there are puppets. Usually there are puppets.

Bring your Jerrys to the Filmbar at 7pm.