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4 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 07/24]

This weekend, Phoenix has some red on it, plays Nintendo games, and sleeps nude in an oxygen tent which it believes gives it sexual powers!

Friday, July 25th

Shaun of the Dead w/ Costume Contest & Zombie Piñata


The Filmbar is screening Shaun of the Dead, hosting a costume contest, and bashing a zombie. Starts at 10pm and should be worth staying up for. We’re coming to get you, Barbara!

Saturday, July 26th

Let’s Play Nintendo Tour


Nintendo is stopping in Glendale to let people play their games. Should be pretty cool. They’ll be at the Arrowhead Town Center from 11am to 6pm. (They’ll be there at a similar time on Friday too.) Looks like the focus is on DS games.

Tech Fair


Something for the nerdlings! Get the kids out of the heat and let them play with 3D printers, gadgets, game demos, and more. Starts at 10:30am, and goes into the early afternoon at the Tempe Public Library.

Simpsons Trivia Night


As my wife can attest, I’m one of those annoying Simpsons snobs that pretends everything after season 11 doesn’t exist. The organizers of Simpsons Trivia Night may feel the same way because it’s only focusing on the first ten seasons. :: slow clap :: Show up a bit before 8pm and demonstrate to the world how much you love Springfield. Bring your Frank Grimes glasses.

7 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend [WE 07/20]

This weekend, Phoenix makes video games, tests your Hogwarts knowledge, crosses the streams, and more.

Friday, July 18th

“Phoenix Makes Games” Jam Begins!


Want to make a video game in 48 hours? Do you draw? Code? Write? Hate sleep? Have awesome ideas? Love video games? Well, DO YOU?! Join a team and see what you can do within the timeline.  Game CoLab is hosting (at ASU) and it sounds like an intense, creative, stressful, absolute blast.

Video Games: The Movie


It’s a documentary about video games. It has nerd celebrities in it talking about video games. If you’re a video game believer and want to hear the choir sing, this movie may be for you. Starts at the Filmbar at 10pm and has showtimes over the next week.

Takusatsu Theater


And since you’re still at the Filmbar, join other fans of old Japanese shows and enjoy bug-faced superheroes jump-kicking kaiju late into the night. Like a boss. Starts at midnight.

Saturday, July 19th

Comikaze & Toys Grand Opening


Welcome to the neighborhood, Comikaze! We look forward to crowding your store all day this Saturday and enjoying “music, movies, games, artists, cosplay, great offers, and much more!!” Starts at 11am.

Harry Potter Quiz Time, Y’all!


Pop quiz: How many points did Ron and Harry get for defeating the troll? Sorry, too easy? Sounds like your ready to be at The Devil’s Advocate on Mill at 3:30pm to take on a few other HP nerds, ya big nerd.

Cult Classics Presents: Ghostbusters


All right, I’m going to turn over the next card. I want you to concentrate. I want you to tell me what it is.

Is it a screening of Ghostbusters at Tempe Pollack Theater?

It is! Very good, that’s great. Starts at 9:30pm.

Go have fun and just empty your heads. Don’t think about ANYTHING. We’ve only got one shot at this.

Sunday, July 20th

Monty Python Live (mostly)

[All Over]

All I’m saying is there had better be a dead parrot involved. A parrot that has passed on, ceased to be, gone to meet his maker, off the twig, shuffled off his mortal coil. In short, an ex-parrot. Show starts at 11:30am.

5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 07/13]

This weekend, Phoenix kills monsters, smashes bros, laughs at aliens, and more.

Thursday, July 10th

Rifftrax Live: Sharknado!

[All Over]

“A tornado with sharks it it?! Well this comes out of nowhere!” Oh man, I am jealous of everyone who can make it to this. These live shows continue to be one of my favorites. Follow the link above to make sure a theater near you is playing it. Starts at 8pm.

Friday, July 11th

She Kills Monsters!


The Brelby Theater Company is showing this dramatic comedy about DnD, 90′s pop-culture, homicidal fairies, and more. Sounds wicked interesting. The show is running through July, but it opens Friday night.

Saturday, July 12th

Another Endgame Video Game Party


With Endgame being a video game bar and all, it should surprise nobody that their events are a bit video-game-centric – which is fine by me. This event is all-ages and boasts a Super Smash Bros tournament or two. Starts at 11am, but goes all day.

The Road to Roswell Comedy Tour


The Alien Warrior Comedian is stopping by and bringing a few friends for a comedy show in Scottsdale. If you’ve never seen him, just imagine an alien from Star Trek at a microphone slinging jokes. It’s a pretty gnarly experience. Show starts at 6pm at The Comedy Spot.

Sunday, July 13th

SciFi Fantasy Book Exchange


I’ve never done a book swap before, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea. This Sunday local nerds are dusting off their genre books and bringing them to Lo Fi Coffee to share what they have and try something new. Check it out between noon and 2pm.

I’ll be back in The AZ next week. Remember NO PARTIES while I’m gone!