6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 09/20]

6 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix

Weekending 9/20/15

Thursday, Sep 17th

Top 10 Superhero Ranking Event

Gather ye to the Crescent Ballroom en mass to argue, debate, pull hair, slap, kidney punch, chest thump, jump up and down, and otherwise do battle to determine the greatest superheroes of all time. Mostly just debate though; slapping is kinda rude.

The madness begins at 5:30pm.

Friday, Sep 18th

Quantum Game Jam 2015

The UAT is participating in a global event where nerds spend a couple of days building a game with quantum physicists.

Read that again and realize how awesome that sounds, then check out the link above for details.

All Night LAN Party

Well, LAN Speed Games may be gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your all-night LAN party fix anymore. CyberZone is carrying the torch for these caffeine fueled head-shot fests.

Starts at midnight. Play ’til the sun comes up.

Saturday, Sep 19th

Tron Legacy Rave

Not sure if Daft Punk will make an awkward cameo but there’s a solid chance you’ll hear some of their tunes at this rave. Cyber-neon-punk yourself out and have a blast. Arcade games and DJs will abound.

I, for one, dance for the users.

Starts at 8pm. Link above for the deets.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

In general, you should follow the Dread Fleet and check out their events, but this is especially true on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Enjoy their shenanigans this year at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix from 10am to 11am.


PHX Gaymers 10th Anniversary

Congrats to the Phoenix Gaymers for 10 years! Join them Saturday night from 5pm to 10pm at the Phoenix Pride LGBT Center for tons of video and board gaming (obviously), photos, a food truck, and high fives. As always, everyone is welcome.

9 Ways To Nerd Out This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 09/6]

9 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix

Week-ending 9/6/15

Thursday, Sep 3rd

Robots of the 80’s (Sci Fi Dinner)

ASU continues to blow my mind with their free dinner-and-a-show-and-a-discussion events. This one’s all about your favorite (or maybe your least favorite) robot to come out of the feverish pop-culture dream that was the 80s: VICI from Small Wonder.

Reserve a seat online then show up around 6pm.

Star Wars Stuff at Target

So a few Targets, including one in Tempe, are opening up at Midnight (technically Friday morning) and going full blown Star Wars for a while. I guess a ton of new toys and merch are dropping and they’re making an event of it. If you’re  a devoted fan, drink a few Dr Peppers and go nuts.

It’s at the Target on Rio Salado Pkwy (& the Lake Pleasant Pkwy Target in Peoria).

Friday, Sep 4th

Saboten Con 2015!

Arizona’s biggest anime convention makes its regular appearance this weekend, even taking advantage of Labor Day. Expect maids, cat ears, GIGANTIC weapons, a few furries, and a thousand teenagers sitting on the floor playing their Nintendo 3DS’s. If that sounds like fun, this is your weekend, baby.

Get your anime on at the Sheraton Downtown, Friday through Monday.

A LEGO Brickumentary

The Film Bar is screening a documentary about LEGO and how they changed, and continue to change, the world. Looks pretty fun, especially if you’re a big LEGO person yourself.

Show is at 4:30pm with screenings all weekend.

Saturday, Sep 5th

Okilly Dokilly’s First Show

A few weeks ago you probably saw Facebook go crazy about a local metal band based on Ned Flanders. Well, they’re having their first show at the Trunk Space and if you want to get in you’ll either need to be there extremely early, or sell your soul to this guy.

Show starts at 7pm.

MegaRan & MC Chris

Local video game rapper MegaRan and popular nerdcore artist MC Chris should need no introduction, so I’ll just tell you that they’re playing at the Crescent Ballroom together this Saturday.

Show up around 8:30pm.

My Little Pony Craft Party

Ain’t no party like a Pinky Pie party.

Well, maybe an arts & crafts My Little Pony party at Bookmans Phoenix.

Goes from 3pm to 4pm.

Steampunk Parade [Tombstone]

It’s a steampunk parade, people. Probably worth the road trip to Tombstone just to show off that brass something-or-other that you crafted, so get down there and march!

Things start gearing up at 11am. (Sorry.)

Star Wars Book Signing

Man, so much has happened to the Star Wars universe since A New Hope graced your local movie theater. If you want to be in top form when The Force Awakens comes out, you may want to consider swinging by Changing Hands, grabbing a copy of Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know, and maybe ask the authors a few questions. Actually, you should see if you can stump the authors.

Starts at 4pm at the Phoenix Changing Hands.

6 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 08/30]

6 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix

Week-ending 8/30/15

Friday, Aug 28th

Game On Expo Begins!

We have a pretty great gaming scene here in Phoenix, and it’s awesome to see more events like this popping up. The ambitious new Game On Expo is starting out in the Mesa Convention Center and will have vendors, tabletop gaming, and, of course, video game tournaments. Definitely picking up a mildly retro vibe, so hopefully that’s your thing.

Going down Friday through Sunday.

Jack Kirby Birthday Party

Comic books are easily one of my weakest areas of nerd-fu, so I won’t insult you with a half-decent Kirby tribute here. Instead, I’ll encourage you to attend this event in his honor so you can rub shoulders with like-minded fans.

Starts at 7pm at C-MOD.

Turbo Kid!

It’s finally here. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic 90’s where Power Gloves are magic. (Well, as far as I can tell.) If you love your over-the-top violence with an extra kick of 80’s pop-culture irony and a butt-load of BMX biking, check out the premier at the Film Bar this weekend.

Show starts at 6:30pm, but there are multiple showtimes.

Star Wars Cosplay Party [Tucson]

Okay I’m cheating here, but if you’re a huge fan this event might be worth the mini-roadtrip down to Tucson. The Gaslight Theatre is wrapping up their run of a Star Wars comedy called Space Wars, and local cosplayers (and regular nerds) are devoting an evening to it.

Starts at 8pm.

Saturday, Aug 29th

Fairy Tale Ball

Here’s your chance to frolic and dance and, I dunno, sip nectar from tiny flowers or something. Whatever fairies do at fancy parties is exactly what you can do if you check out this event at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts. Feels kinda Shakespeare-y too, so bring a few “forsooths” if you go.

The beat drops around 7pm.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Everyone knows all the best people are a little mad and that some of them have tea parties at Bookmans Phoenix. Bring the kids, lose your much-ness, and compare ravens to writing-desks if it suits your fancy.

From 3pm to 4pm.

10 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 08/23/15]

10 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix

Week-ending 8/23/15

Thursday, Aug 20th

HP Lovecraft’s Birthday Party

Heya kids – who wants to be driven insane with forbidden knowledge?! If you answered “Ooh, I do!” – and you enjoy cake – the Trunk Space is throwing a birthday bash for the tentacle-obsessed master of horror, and everyone’s invited.

The madness begins at 7:30pm.

Friday, Aug 21st

They Live

Don’t bother wearing your sunglasses to the Film Bar for this screening; they will be provided for you. They want to be sure nobody is left ignorant of the true forces that control us all. Jose from the Torch Theatre is hosting what is sure to be an awesome night filled with cinema’s most intense fight scenes.

Show up at the Film Bar at 9pm to learn the truth.

Grand Opening: Critical Threat

With both comics and games, the latest nerdery opens this weekend in Tempe. (They took over the spot that Pop Culture Paradise vacated.) Word on the street is they’ll spend a few days giving away about $2,000 in prizes.

Get to know the place starting at 11am.

Board Games with Chamber Band

Hey, if you’re going to play board games this weekend you may as well play with a band that plays music about love, heartbreak, and dragons. Chamber Band is on tour and stopping by the Game Depot to roll some dice.

Gets going around 5pm.

Retro Recall: GameOnExpo PreParty

Endgame wants to gear up for next weekend’s Game On Expo with some retro action in their bar. Play old school games and join in a Super Smash tournament, if’n ya like.

At 10pm-ish.

Saturday, Aug 22nd

Comedy Avengers 4

It’s a bunch of local comedians spending the evening making nerd-centric jokes. I’ve been to one of these before and it’s a safe bet for an entertaining evening. May want to leave the kids at home though.

At the Taffy Room at 7:30pm.

Hello Kitty Festival


No, seriously, it’s an entire festival about Hello Kitty.

At the Gila River Arena, Saturday and Sunday.

Kaiju Movie Night

There’s a whole lot going on in Downtown Mesa this Saturday night, what with the light rail opening and all, and one of those things is a Gamera screening. If you don’t love this giant flying turtle monster, well, you’re just not a friend to all children.

Breath fire at 7pm.

Cult Classics: The Last Starfighter

When I was a kid this film both fascinated and terrified me. The idea that a video game could actually be an intergalactic testing / recruiting station was awesome, but man, those aliens… the nightmares.

Show up around 9:30pm at Tempe Pollack Cinemas.

Sunday, Aug 23rd

Build Your Own Laser Vortex

I’m gonna go ahead and let the title of this event convince you to check it out.

Meet up with the AZ Haunters at HeatSync Labs at 9am.

8 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 08/16]

8 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix

Weekending 8/16/15

Friday, Aug 14th

Dirty Disney

It’s weird to put an age limit on a Disney-centric event, but everyone’s favorite princesses are indulging in a bit of debauchery this Friday. Leave the kids at home for this one; they’d be carded anyway.

Doors open at 7pm at the Crescent Ballroom.

*Raiders of The Lost Ark

Just learned you can catch this classic in Downtown Mesa. I also believe Heat Sync Labs is making some liquid nitrogen ice-cream, and that toga costumes will abound.

Galaga High Score Contest

This is a wonderful opportunity to do three things: 1) Checkout Starfighter’s Arcade 2) Win tickets to see The Last Starfighter next weekend, & 3) mow down off wave after wave of adorable space bees.

Starts at 7pm. Make sure you’re loaded up on pizza and Dr Pepper to ensure the highest maximum score.

Saturday, Aug 15th

Joker’s Back to School Bash

Nothing puts a cartoonishly maniacal grin on your face like helping a local school. Bring some school supplies to donate and get to know local artists, the Phoenix Comicon Street Team, and win prizes.

Swing by Samurai Comics in Phoenix between 11am and 4pm to be a real hero.


Grand Opening – Odyssey Games

The latest tabletop gaming store on the scene is staying up late and opening its doors at midnight this Saturday. Or you can pop in at 11am for a more casual celebration. Either way you may score some prizes and at least 10% off purchases.

Rad Robots at Bookmans

Learn about AI, watch some robotics demonstrations, and increase your chances for survival during our eventual crushing defeat at the hands of the unfeeling and merciless killbots.

The action is happening at Bookmans Phoenix from 3pm to 4pm.

Sunday, Aug 16th

Princess & Superhero Training

Whenever I see events that promise to train superheroes I can’t help but imagine the li’l tykes locked into the 90’s cartoon version of the X-Men’s danger room, screaming.

This should be slightly milder than that, with more cosplayers and less swinging blades. Benefits Make-A-Wish Arizona.

Anime Fest

All anime, all day. At Samurai Comics in Phoenix. Expect your fair share of Attack on Titan cosplay.

Gets going around 11am with events all day.

MaricopaCon 2015 – Sold Out

Unless you already have tickets for this weekend, this is less of a ‘thing to do’ and more of a heads up that their next kickstarter goes live in December. MaricopaCon runs pretty tight and if you’d like to attend the intimate gaming convention you’ll want to make a pledge.

5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 08/09]

5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix

Weekending 8/9/15

Friday, Aug 7th

Arizona Science Center Adult’s Night

Time to kick all those gross kids out and play with the gross exhibit they’ve got going on right now. Plus they’ll have a DJ. Nts nts nts nts…

Gets going around 5:30pm.

Harry Potter’s Belated Birthday Bash

Well things got kicked back a few days (lousy Smarch weather), so break free from the emotional room under the stairs you’ve been living in the last week and finally enjoy a belated birthday party for the boy who lived.

Starts at 8pm at Lawn Gnome Publishing.

Diamondbacks – Zombie Night

Braaaaaaaiiinnssssss….. and baseball.

Harbinger Down

Just learned this indie flick (that uses practical creature effects) is premiering in downtown Phoenix this weekend .

See the link for showtimes from Friday forward.

Saturday, Aug 8th

*Canceled* Skateboard Mario Kart 500

Not sure exactly what’s going on here, but couldn’t not mention that some kids are playing a skateboard version of Mario Kart. Check it out if you’re curious.

Follow link above for super secret time/location.

Sunday, Aug 9th

Giant Robot vs Giant Monster

SabotenCon is getting its kaiju on at AZ Collector Marketplace this weekend. I think kaiju Pictionary would make it worth going alone, but they may also haul out some robotics demos.

Starts at 11am and goes all day.