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9 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 10/19]

This weekend, Phoenix stays up way too late playing video games, cosplaying, feeding monsters, and more.

Friday, Oct 17th



Behold the return of the valley’s great LAN party, and this time you don’t even need to bring your own PC! Just register online then show up at Howie’s Game Shack and start racking up frags for charity. Starts at 4pm and goes all night long, baby. I hear the prizes this year are pretty good.

Comic Media Expo 2014


I’m excited about this one. This is the debut of the valley’s latest home-grown nerd convention, so I’m hoping it gets lots of local support. If you’re an Airbender or Korra fan, they’ve got some great guests coming out (Ru-fi-ooooo!), and I’m sure the cosplaying will not be lacking. Taking place at the Mesa Convention Center all weekend.



Fun fact: I have never seen Gremlins. As such, my references are limited to the vague things I know about it, like not feeding them after midnight… or something. Am I close? Okay, maybe I should go to this. Starts at 11pm at the FilmBar, but plays all weekend too.

Saturday, Oct 18th

ZombieCon at Barnes & Noble


Hang out with Tom Leveen, the Dept of Zombie Defense, and *ACTUAL ZOMBIES while supporting Kids Need To Read. Should be fun, and somewhat bloody…? Starts at 11am. (*probably not actual zombies, cannot guarantee)

LibraryCon 2014


The Southeast Regional Library is throwing a mini-comicon in the afternoon. Show up from noon to 4pm & feel free to costume up. Get ready for nerd trivia, gaming, zombies, and food. Plus libraries are awesome, so show them some love, yo.

5,100-Question Mega-Ultimate Star Wars Quiz Book


This sounds pretty cool. Some swell gal has decided that Star Wars is pretty much the best and put together a quiz book about it. She’ll be at Bookmans Mesa from 1pm to 3pm, exhibiting just how much she knows as well as signing books. Swing by, say hi, and see if she knows who shot first.

Zombie Flick Filming


You know it’s October when just about every event I mention has the word ‘zombie’ in it at least once. This event is obviously no exception. Zombie up (or don’t, they’ll have makeup on hand) and show up at the location in the link above to participate in a zombie survival movie. Shoots from 3pm to 9pm.

Cult Classics: Little Shop of Horrors


Share THE greatest “dentist” scene ever with other like-minded fans. Cult Classics does a great job of making their events more than just watching a movie, so you can expect to have a great time. Plus you get to watch a muppet-plant eat people. Starts at 9:30pm at the Tempe Pollock Theater.

Sunday, Oct 19th

Halloween at Hogwarts


It’s completely sold out, so I hope you caught the announcement on my Facebook page a while ago and got tickets. Either way, I can’t not mention that the Phoenix Symphony is dedicating an entire evening to Harry Potter. Have fun, you filthy mudbloods!

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 10/12]

This weekend, Phoenix bumps fists with Poe, Yoda, cyborgs, and zombies.

Thursday, Oct 9th

Cyborg Factory!


Science! Altoid tins! Soldering! Cyborgs! Yes, folks, all of that, plus it’s completely free. Bring your teens (or don’t) and mess around with the building blocks of robotics. Then take your creation out into a thunderstorm and cross your fingers a freakish lightning bolt grants it life and sends it on an existential journey filled with hilarious hijinks. Starts at 4pm at the Burton Barr Central Library.

Friday, Oct 10th

Nightmare on Main St


I’m a big supporter of these li’l events. They’re like super casual mini-comicons and perfect for getting the kids out. Head out to downtown Mesa after 6pm and wander the streets with the living and the dead, and everything in-between. Wear a costume or just enjoy everyone else’s. Contests, vendors, and ghost-tours shall abound.

PoeFest 2014 Begins


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious blog of local lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rolling d20s at my chamber door.
`’Tis some nerd,’ I muttered, `grokking at my chamber door –
Only this, and nothing more.’

At the Hotel San Carlos – runs until Nov 1st.

Saturday, Oct 11th

Star Wars Reads Day III


Take some creatures and space-wizards, mix them with the printed word, and you’ve got Star Wars Reads Day. I’m sure there are more, but I’ve got links to events at Bookmans, Barnes & Noble, and the Phoenix Library. Expect a few costumed characters and jedi-centric activities.

Ira Glass


I could be wrong, but I felt like an Ira Glass appearance deserved to be mentioned as a nerdy event. He’s pretty nerdy. I mean, look at his glasses. Total nerd. Starts at 8pm at the Mesa Arts Center.

Sunday, Oct 12th

Sci-Fi Book Swap Returns


If you missed out on the first iteration, or just love the idea of sharing some sci-fi love, this should be pretty cool. Local nerds are dusting off their genre books and bringing them to Lo Fi Coffee to share what they have and try something new. Kinky! Starts at 11am at Lo-Fi Coffee.

7 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 10/05]

This weekend, Phoenix parties in the 80’s, dances with vampires, and says Beelejuice’s name two more times than it should.

Friday, Oct 3rd

Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play


I don’t think I could write a sufficient description of this, so I’ll keep it simple: it’s a post-apocalyptic play based on an episode of the Simpsons that’s based on the movie Cape Fear. You know the one. If that intrigues you, it’s playing at Space 55 at 8pm. Shows all month.

A Vampire Tale


If you prefer vampires that prance over those that sparkle, I’ve got just the thing. This dance performance is all about our favorite creatures of the night. I’m not big into dance myself, but I’m morbidly curious. Starts at 8pm, at the Hormel Theater and plays all weekend.

1980’s Fright Night


It’s adult’s night out at the Arizona Science Center, and the theme is 80’s horror. Bring costumes, play with science, and expect a lecture or two on the feasibility of a zombie apocalypse.



Jump in the line, rock your body in time. Okay, I believe you!

(And so on.)

Shows at 10pm at the Filmbar.

Saturday, Oct 4th

The Science & Technology of Ghost Hunting


Learn all about them electro-doohicky-thingamabobs that paranormal investigators use. Show up at 1pm to check it out, see some evidence, and hear stories of debunking hauntings. At the Glendale Public Library. (The link above is a PDF; info is on page 3.)

Endgame’s Big Ol’ Smash Bros Party Dealeo


It’s a video game bar, it’s Super Smash Bros, it’s free. Well, it’s $5 to compete in the N64 tournament, but there’s no cover charge. Sign up at 2pm. The carnage begins at 3pm.

Totally Awesome 80’s Party


Radical! The Arizona Ghostbusters are raising money for charity, as they do, and everyone wins. 80’s costumes, 80’s films, 80’s tunes, 80’s cars. You get the idea. Get awesome to the max starting at 8pm at the Venue of Scottsdale. (21+ Sorry, li’l dudes.)