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5 Awesomely Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE04/13]

This weekend, Phoenix has a video game convention, shows its mul-tee-pass, starts a mini-comicon, and more.

Thursday, April 10th

Voyage Trekkers Live


This locally-produced web series about the galaxy’s worst crew is showing you what they can do live. In other words, local nerdy entertainment – my favorite. Bring some sci-fi props for the cast to incorporate into the show. Starts around 7:30pm at the National Comedy Theatre.

Friday, April 11th

Hollywood Costume Party


If you need an excuse to put on a costume, here you go. Of course, the more movie-based your costume, the more appropriate for the event. Impress everyone by showing up as a xenomorph! Hosted at the Phoenix Art Center at 7pm.

The Fifth Element with Ruby Rhod & Blue Diva


Enjoy an evening with everyone’s favorite meat popsicle and his multi-pass toting perfect element. I won’t use this podium to express my long-standing love of all things 5E, just know that I highly recommend going to this. We green? If you need a bit more prompting, it will be hosted by Ruby Rhod. Quiver, ladies… quiver. Starts at 10pm, but there are screenings all weekend.

Saturday, April 12th

ZapCon 2014


It doesn’t get much better than a mother-bleeping retro video game convention all weekend. Lower those bits, ditch the high polygon count, and spend a few days lost in a sea of arcades and arcade related entertainment. It’s great to see ZapCon is returning this year and I hope it’s well attended. Check it out at the Renaissance Hotel downtown.

Sunday, April 13th

Sun Devil Fan Fair


ASU nerds are uniting for a full day of cosplaying, gaming, panels, clubs, and vendors. It’s like a li’l comicon, but if you’re cosplaying, keep in mind it takes place on campus so leave the seven foot Buster Sword home for this one (or any other faux weapon you usually sport). Should be fun! Show your support from 11am to 5pm.

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 04/06]

This weekend, Phoenix watches a ton of movies, hacks, rolls some dice, and gets transcendent with science.

Friday, April 4th

CactusCon 2014


I’m not an IT guy, so I’m sure many of you could do a better job describing this event than I could. Sounds like it’s all about diving into security and networking.

ET with ET Photobooth


If you want to snuggle with one of history’s ugliest-yet-most-lovable aliens, here’s your chance. The Film Bar is screening ET this weekend and will have the li’l guy around for photos. Will there be an abundance of Reese’s Pieces? Maybe?

Saturday, April 5th

TableTop Games Day


Rolling initiative, trading wood for sheep, accusing your closest friends of being cylons – all of this and more could be your Saturday. That and some cosplaying and a few solar telescopes for some extra nerd levels. All day at Imperial Outpost Games.

Journey To The West


I don’t even… Just watch the trailer. You’ll know if it’s up your alley or not. (I’d go see it.)

Transcending Our Origins


Lawrence Krauss & Friends are at it again with another series of live discussions. This weekend the gang is talking about the future of humanity, synthetic biology, and machine intelligence. Seriously, go. Tickets aren’t even that much. Of course, they stream it live, so at least you can catch that.

*Big MTG Tournament


Yes, there is a giant Magic: The Gathering tournament going on downtown this weekend. If you’re into Magic it should be a fantastic time. May your Mana be plentiful and your Craw Wurms devestating.

Sunday, April 6th

Geek Day at The Phoenix Film Festival


The wife and I are hitting up the Phoenix Film Festival this weekend, so if you see us please throw us an old fashioned high five, as is our custom. (Fist bumps also accepted.) If you can’t make the entire festival, there’s at least a Geek Day on Sunday for you to check out. Lots of sweet artists, bloggers, and vendors will be there.

All right, have fun!

The Phoenix Film Festival Is Coming Up & It Has A “Geek Day”

In the first weekend of April, film junkies will start to gather at the Harkins Scottsdale 101 for some indie film binge-watching, a few sci-fi shorts, networking in the biz, and general film geekery.

I haven’t completely scoured this year’s film line-up yet, but I have a suspicion that there is at least one zombie film in the mix. I do know there is a film describing itself as “Star Wars on the prairie” playing, which sounds crazy enough for me to check out. I think I’ll also check out “SOS” about two dudes who wake up and find themselves alone on the Earth… OR ARE THEY?

As a nice bonus this year, they’re also having a “Geek Day” on April 6th, and they’re filling the party pavilion with the Arizona Ghostbusters, the Arizona Avengers, costumers and artists, local nerd podcasters, and more. Takes place from 1pm to 6pm.

I’ve been to a few Phoenix Film Festivals now and can safely say it’s good times. The volunteers are some of my favorites and it’s pretty laid back. If you’re a fan of films, there’s going to be something for you to geek out over.