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9 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 01/18]

Thursday, Jan 15th



I’ve been hearing good things about this brain-bending time travel flick, and you can catch it at the Film Bar this weekend. If you can’t find anyone to go with you, just go back in time and recruit your younger-self. Multiple showtimes so follow the link above.

Friday, Jan 16th



I should have mentioned it last week, but this Steampunk art show is still going, so make sure to check it out if you “live in the clock.” At the Firehouse Gallery, yo.

Taiyou Con 2015


Taiyou Con has always prided itself in being by fans and for fans. It’s not very big, but seems to be completely comfortable with that fact. And if you’ve watched some of their previous promotional videos, you know they don’t take themselves too seriously either. Should be a good time for anime & video-game fans. All weekend at the Mesa Convention Center.

Saturday, Jan 17th

Steampunk Dragon Puppet Demonstration


If you’ve got kids this could be a really fun way to spend a Saturday morning. The Arizona Opera is showing off some of their steampunk inspired costumes, animatronics, and stage props – including a “fire breathing” dragon. Starts at 10am at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix .

Tempe Public Library Comicon


Darth Vader, the Phoenix Comicon, and others are showing up to bring a mini-comicon to the library for a few hours. Dress up (or don’t) and swing by between 11am to 4pm for contests, gaming, etc. (Link above is to a PDF, fair warning.)

Meeplefest: Fire & Ice


The Unnamed Association of Gamers is being extra cool (& hot, apparently) and inviting everyone to a free, full day, family friendly gaming bash. Get your table-top action on all day. However you may feel about the meeple becoming the de facto symbol of modern table-top gaming, I bet you’ll have a great time. Hit the link above for the location.

Reddit Phoenix Prom


This will probably be downvoted into oblivion, but DAE remember PROM?!? *Edit: Thanks for the crown, kind stranger! *Second Edit: Holy crap! Front page of Lightning Octopus! TL:DR Reddit Phoenix Prom at Endgame starts at 8pm. RIP inbox.

Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom


Cult Classics continues to bring you the magic of watching your favorite old movies surrounded by other fans. This month is all about whipping it… whipping it good. Starts at 9:30pm at Tempe Pollack Theatre.

Sunday, Jan 18

Make a Duct Tape Double of Yourself


I wanted to make sure any cosplayers out there heard about this event at HeatSync Labs in Mesa. Follow the link to see what you’ll need to bring to make yourself out of duct tape. Starts at 11am.

5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 12/21]

This weekend, Phoenix does as you wish, fights Hydra, busts ghosts, and suffers the evils of George Lucas.

Thursday, Dec 18th

Joy to The Worlds – Nerd Nite Phx


If your Thursday is going a little too well and you feel like it needs to be ruined with a screening of the fantastically horrible Star Wars Christmas Special, you’re in luck! Join a few Nerd Nite Nerds and bask in the glory that is Life Day. Plus space-karaoke! Starts at 7:30pm.

Ghostbusters 2


On the other hand, if your Thursday needs a bit more Nintendo Joy Pad, green slime, and protons, you could always check out the second Ghostbusters movie with the Arizona Ghostbusters at 7:30 instead. Plus Educating [Geeks] will be there, which is pretty swell. Bring a toy for donation!

Friday, Dec 19th

The Marvel Experience Begins


And so it begins. Time for you to “step into hyper-reality” and find out what this Marvel Experience is all about. I get the impression its kinda like Captain EO or something. If you’re a Marvel fan, you probably don’t want to miss it while it’s in Scottsdale. If you’ve been, let me know what it’s like!

Cary Elwes


Wesley himself is in town, thanks to Changing Hands (buy his book there to get in), and you can hear him talk about his book and The Princess Bride at Dobson High School around 6pm. CALL THE LOCKSMITH!

Are You Afraid of The Dark?


Spread some Christmas cheer by enjoying a midnight screening of 90’s paranormal nostalgia! The Filmbar is showing some episodes to fans – plus pizza! Starts at 11:30pm.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you get to spend it with those you love.

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 12/07]

This weekend, Phoenix hangs out with Colin, Knights, cosplayers, & ALL THE SANTAS.

Thursday, Dec 4th

Indie Amigos


I am a sucker for indie games. Join other fans at Endgame in Tempe to play the night away exploring new titles and otherwise having an indie-game-good time. Starts at 8pm.

Rifftrax Live: Santa Claus

[All Over]

I’m also a sucker for Rifftrax Live; they’re friggin’ hilarious. This time they’re taking on the 1959 “classic” Santa Claus. You won’t regret going.

Friday, Dec 5th

Colin Mochrie !! (& Brad Sherwood)


All hail Colin! The Who’s Line star and internet cult favorite is in town to make up jokes for you. Catch him at the Celebrity Theatre at 8pm.

Saturday, Dec 6th

Santarchy 2014!


Take one Santa Claus, then multiply it by a few hundred. That should give you an idea of what Santarchy is like. This is your chance to dress up as any kind of Santa you want (Cross-y lightsaber Santa? Solid Snake Santa?) and freak out the general population by joining hundreds of other Santas in an evening of inexplicable wackiness. Starts at 6pm at Dos Gringos.

Winter Faire – Knights & Fairies, etc


Crank up the chivalry, practice your “m’lady”s and bring the kids to the Desert Marigold School for a weekend of “knights, fairies, music, food, crafts, games and prizes.” Starts at 10am, goes until 3pm.

Toy Anxiety Toy Drive


This one brings out both the Christmas spirit, and the costumes. Toys may not be the true meaning of Christmas, but they seem to be a big part of it anyway. Why not help out with their toy drive? Also from 10am to 3pm. Weird.

Have a merry & weird weekend, everyone!