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6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 04/27]

This weekend, Phoenix uses the schwartz, lives in Shatner’s world, geeks out at a library, and more.

Thursday, April 24th

Shatner’s World

[All Over]

Fathom Events is broadcasting Mr Shatner’s one-man-show to a few theaters in the valley. If you’re a fan of the Enterprise’s best captain (don’t deny it), or at least the actor who played him, you should have a good time. Show starts at 7:30pm.

Space Sheriff Shaider


How does Takusatsu Theater find these old Japanese shows? How do they collect them? How to they screen them at Filmbar every month? No idea, but it happens. Spend the week’s penultimate weeknight enjoying some of the weirdest stuff ever. Show’s at 10pm.

Friday, April 25th

Zombies at Chase Field


Your children are pathetically unprepared for Z Day, but don’t you worry. Baxter, the Diamonback’s mascot, will be designating a few “Offical Zombie Hunters” amongst our youth this Friday night. There will also be zombie makeup artists on hand, and a large zombie walk. Nerdvana has the scoop.

Saturday, April 26th

LibCon 2014


Their Facebook page doesn’t have a lot of info, but this little comicon at Chandler Library should be fun for a younger crowd (or the young at heart). Gaming, costumes, and general nerdery await you.

Spaceballs & Pizza Eating Contest


Dink dink! Dink dink-dink dink DINK! Dink dink dink. Dink dink-dink dink. Dink dink. Dink dink-dink dink. 9pm, Filmbar. Dink.

Sunday, April 27th

Particle Fever


Okay, I know half of the items on this list are at the Filmbar this weekend, but I couldn’t not mention all of these. This one is a documentary about the Large Hadron Collider, guys. Dope, yo. Oh yeah, word on the street is that Theoretical Physicist Lawrence M. Krauss will be swinging by. Fer realz.

Get out! Have fun! Do something interesting this weekend!

2 Phoenix Comicon Events You Should Attend Because I’m Involved With Them

Phoenix Comicon 2014 approaches swiftly, my friends.

It’s never too early to start deciding what will take up your precious time that weekend.

If you’d like a couple of suggestions based almost entirely on the fact that I’m part of them, here you go:

1: The Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown!

The Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown is one of my favorite Phoenix Comicon events and I love being a part of it.

PUGS is essentially a series of very short all-in-good-fun debates about our favorite facets of geekdom. Topics are purposefully fun but difficult and the audience gets all wound up and laughs, and everyone has a blast.

One ultimate geek walks away with a ridiculous trophy and is crowned the local Patron Saint of Nerds for a year.

I’ll have more info soon on how you can get up on stage and crush your enemies, so stay tuned.

Round 1: Thursday night at 7:30pm
Round 2: Friday night at 8:00pm
Location: North 131

2: I Didn’t Know That Existed! Geeky Things To Do In Arizona

Hopefully the title explains most of it, but it will be about nerdy things going on all year ’round these parts.

Your fun need not end when Phoenix Comicon does! There’s a lot to do around here.

Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: South 150

5 Awesomely Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE04/13]

This weekend, Phoenix has a video game convention, shows its mul-tee-pass, starts a mini-comicon, and more.

Thursday, April 10th

Voyage Trekkers Live


This locally-produced web series about the galaxy’s worst crew is showing you what they can do live. In other words, local nerdy entertainment – my favorite. Bring some sci-fi props for the cast to incorporate into the show. Starts around 7:30pm at the National Comedy Theatre.

Friday, April 11th

Hollywood Costume Party


If you need an excuse to put on a costume, here you go. Of course, the more movie-based your costume, the more appropriate for the event. Impress everyone by showing up as a xenomorph! Hosted at the Phoenix Art Center at 7pm.

The Fifth Element with Ruby Rhod & Blue Diva


Enjoy an evening with everyone’s favorite meat popsicle and his multi-pass toting perfect element. I won’t use this podium to express my long-standing love of all things 5E, just know that I highly recommend going to this. We green? If you need a bit more prompting, it will be hosted by Ruby Rhod. Quiver, ladies… quiver. Starts at 10pm, but there are screenings all weekend.

Saturday, April 12th

ZapCon 2014


It doesn’t get much better than a mother-bleeping retro video game convention all weekend. Lower those bits, ditch the high polygon count, and spend a few days lost in a sea of arcades and arcade related entertainment. It’s great to see ZapCon is returning this year and I hope it’s well attended. Check it out at the Renaissance Hotel downtown.

Sunday, April 13th

Sun Devil Fan Fair


ASU nerds are uniting for a full day of cosplaying, gaming, panels, clubs, and vendors. It’s like a li’l comicon, but if you’re cosplaying, keep in mind it takes place on campus so leave the seven foot Buster Sword home for this one (or any other faux weapon you usually sport). Should be fun! Show your support from 11am to 5pm.