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Nathan Fillion Is Coming To Phoenix Comicon 2014!

I swear by my pretty floral bonnet that Phoenix Comicon is bringing Captain Reynolds himself this year.

Mr Fillion is actually going to be spending most of the weekend with us here in Phoenix, which means plenty of chances to hear him speak, ask him a question, or even get a signature (especially if you do the weird stuff).

Maybe I can get him to sign the other side of my shirt!

Patrick Rothfuss Is Coming To Phoenix Comicon 2014

All hail the bearded one.

Every year I cross my fingers that Phoenix Comicon can snag this guy for a visit.

The lesson? Crossing your fingers totally works.

Fantasy novels are usually more difficult for me to get into, but Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicles are a big fat guilty pleasure of mine. Plus, his Worldbuilders project is easily one of the nerdiest charities in the world.

Hey, maybe he’ll announce when Book 3 is coming out while he’s here!!



Okay, I’ll stop.

Prices for Phoenix Comicon go up after the end of the year, so pick up your memberships as soon as you can.

Bruce Campbell Is Coming To Phoenix Comicon 2014!

Phoenix Comicon is starting off guest announcements with a boom (stick)!

Bruce Campbell is a legend among geek culture junkies and a highly requested guest. And while the cult film icon is probably more famous for his horror stuff, I’m a Brisco fan myself. That show was bananas.

The King will be at the convention both Saturday & Sunday (June 7th & 8th), so hopefully there will be ample opportunity to see him and get your weaponized prosthetic signed.

More guest announcements should be trickling out soon, but I believe a lot of names are still working out contracts, etc. Stay tuned, as always, for relevant updates.