10 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix

Week-ending 8/23/15

Thursday, Aug 20th

HP Lovecraft’s Birthday Party

Heya kids – who wants to be driven insane with forbidden knowledge?! If you answered “Ooh, I do!” – and you enjoy cake – the Trunk Space is throwing a birthday bash for the tentacle-obsessed master of horror, and everyone’s invited.

The madness begins at 7:30pm.

Friday, Aug 21st

They Live

Don’t bother wearing your sunglasses to the Film Bar for this screening; they will be provided for you. They want to be sure nobody is left ignorant of the true forces that control us all. Jose from the Torch Theatre is hosting what is sure to be an awesome night filled with cinema’s most intense fight scenes.

Show up at the Film Bar at 9pm to learn the truth.

Grand Opening: Critical Threat

With both comics and games, the latest nerdery opens this weekend in Tempe. (They took over the spot that Pop Culture Paradise vacated.) Word on the street is they’ll spend a few days giving away about $2,000 in prizes.

Get to know the place starting at 11am.

Board Games with Chamber Band

Hey, if you’re going to play board games this weekend you may as well play with a band that plays music about love, heartbreak, and dragons. Chamber Band is on tour and stopping by the Game Depot to roll some dice.

Gets going around 5pm.

Retro Recall: GameOnExpo PreParty

Endgame wants to gear up for next weekend’s Game On Expo with some retro action in their bar. Play old school games and join in a Super Smash tournament, if’n ya like.

At 10pm-ish.

Saturday, Aug 22nd

Comedy Avengers 4

It’s a bunch of local comedians spending the evening making nerd-centric jokes. I’ve been to one of these before and it’s a safe bet for an entertaining evening. May want to leave the kids at home though.

At the Taffy Room at 7:30pm.

Hello Kitty Festival


No, seriously, it’s an entire festival about Hello Kitty.

At the Gila River Arena, Saturday and Sunday.

Kaiju Movie Night

There’s a whole lot going on in Downtown Mesa this Saturday night, what with the light rail opening and all, and one of those things is a Gamera screening. If you don’t love this giant flying turtle monster, well, you’re just not a friend to all children.

Breath fire at 7pm.

Cult Classics: The Last Starfighter

When I was a kid this film both fascinated and terrified me. The idea that a video game could actually be an intergalactic testing / recruiting station was awesome, but man, those aliens… the nightmares.

Show up around 9:30pm at Tempe Pollack Cinemas.

Sunday, Aug 23rd

Build Your Own Laser Vortex

I’m gonna go ahead and let the title of this event convince you to check it out.

Meet up with the AZ Haunters at HeatSync Labs at 9am.