6 Nerdy Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix

Week-ending 8/30/15

Friday, Aug 28th

Game On Expo Begins!

We have a pretty great gaming scene here in Phoenix, and it’s awesome to see more events like this popping up. The ambitious new Game On Expo is starting out in the Mesa Convention Center and will have vendors, tabletop gaming, and, of course, video game tournaments. Definitely picking up a mildly retro vibe, so hopefully that’s your thing.

Going down Friday through Sunday.

Jack Kirby Birthday Party

Comic books are easily one of my weakest areas of nerd-fu, so I won’t insult you with a half-decent Kirby tribute here. Instead, I’ll encourage you to attend this event in his honor so you can rub shoulders with like-minded fans.

Starts at 7pm at C-MOD.

Turbo Kid!

It’s finally here. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic 90’s where Power Gloves are magic. (Well, as far as I can tell.) If you love your over-the-top violence with an extra kick of 80’s pop-culture irony and a butt-load of BMX biking, check out the premier at the Film Bar this weekend.

Show starts at 6:30pm, but there are multiple showtimes.

Star Wars Cosplay Party [Tucson]

Okay I’m cheating here, but if you’re a huge fan this event might be worth the mini-roadtrip down to Tucson. The Gaslight Theatre is wrapping up their run of a Star Wars comedy called Space Wars, and local cosplayers (and regular nerds) are devoting an evening to it.

Starts at 8pm.

Saturday, Aug 29th

Fairy Tale Ball

Here’s your chance to frolic and dance and, I dunno, sip nectar from tiny flowers or something. Whatever fairies do at fancy parties is exactly what you can do if you check out this event at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts. Feels kinda Shakespeare-y too, so bring a few “forsooths” if you go.

The beat drops around 7pm.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Everyone knows all the best people are a little mad and that some of them have tea parties at Bookmans Phoenix. Bring the kids, lose your much-ness, and compare ravens to writing-desks if it suits your fancy.

From 3pm to 4pm.