This weekend, Phoenix eats pizza with ninja turtles, plays a bunch of games, puts their costumes back on, and more.

Friday, June 13th

Mad Monster Phoenix


It’s Halloween in June! Phoenix Comicon may be done for a year, but Elvira herself wants you to come back to Downtown Phoenix for another convention this weekend. Meet a handful of horror celebs and bask in the twisted madness that is a horror (& sci-fi & fantasy) con. Starts on Friday and lasts through Sunday at the Sheraton downtown.

SciFi Friday


Downtown Mesa is transforming into a mini-comicon for the evening. Enjoy live music, vendors, and cosplay, starting around 6pm. Costume contest at 8pm. These events tend to be very well attended while still being pretty chill and easy going.

*Just Added: Marian Call Live


Marian Call is in town performing an album of space inspired songs, including Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. She’ll be at Bookman’s Mesa at 7:30pm.

TMNT Pizza Party


Dude, this one is going to be totally bodacious. Everyone’s favorite totally tubular teenage martial arts masters are gracing the screen of the FilmBar with, of course, a pizza party. Show up at 9pm (an hour before the show) and kick off the Filmbar’s first of many “superhero” themed shows this summer.

Saturday, June 14th

Endgame’s Gaming Party


Endgame is wrapping up their Kickstarter campaign by spending half the day playing video games, which makes perfect sense considering they are a gaming bar. Join them if’n ya like. Just follow the link above for location, etc.

Gaming In Color


The Filmbar is also screening a documentary about gaming and the LGBT community this weekend. Show up at 2pm and stick around to meet the Phoenix Gaymers.

Game of Thrones Trivia Night


The Devil’s Advocate on University is hosting Geeks Who Drink for a pub quiz and this time it’s all about Game of Thrones. Bonus points if you answer every single question with “Hodor.” Starts at 4pm.

Simpsons Trivia Night


And for something a little more up my alley: Simpsons Trivia!  If you know that on the Itchy and Scratchy CD-ROM there is a way out of the dungeon without using the wizard key, you should do great.

And here you were thinking you could take a weekend off after Phoenix Comicon.