This weekend, Phoenix parties with Batman, tons of toys, goblins, and more.

Friday, June 27th

The Dark Knight


The Film Bar is giving you superheroes this month, and this week’s round is the wonderful Dark Knight. I’ve heard this event will have Batman trivia and giveaways, but I still need to confirm. Either way… Batman. Starts at 8pm, and there are showings all weekend.

Saturday, June 28th

ICON 2014


Toys, vendors, toys, cosplayers, cars, toys, action figures, and I think toys. Stop by the Glendale Civic Center for an entire day devoted to the geek hobby that is toys. Also, be sure to check out their sparkly website.

Goblinz Costume Party at Gangplank


A few weeks ago I got an email about an artist who Kickstarted a coloring book about goblins. If your kids love to color AND love castles and creatures and everything else I was slightly (very) obsessed with as a kid, you should swing by and check out his victory party. It’s a costume party, so go nuts. At Gangplank from 7pm to 10pm.

Sunday, June 29th

Voyage Trekkers Fundraising Par-tay


On the same note, local Star Trek parody filmmakers are wrapping up their fundraiser for Voyage Trekkers The Movie (congrats, guys!) and would love to celebrate with comedy. Join in the fun at Monkeypants starting at 7pm.

And FYI – If you were planning on seeing Scandalesque’s Sci-Fi burlesque show this weekend, it’s been canceled.