This weekend, Phoenix plays games, rides tricycles, rolls dice, and more.

Friday, March 21st

Con-Nichiwa 2014


Worth the drive if you’re big into anime and surrounding yourself with others who also enjoy said anime. They’re in the Tucson Convention Center this year, and the convention is all weekend. Plenty of chances to catch some Attack on Titan cosplay, I’m sure.

Retro Game Night


Mmmm, retro games. :: homer drool :: It would appear the Gaming Zone feels the same way and is hosting an evening of low resolution goodness. Starts at 4pm and goes all night, baby. Well, to midnight anyways.

The Shining with Tricycle Races


Because the Film Bar is hilarious and knows how to make cult films even more awesome, they are showing the Shining and having Tricycle Races. Actually Friday’s show has races, and Saturday’s has Trivia. Radical.

Saturday, March 22nd

Southwest Maker Fest


Maker fests are awesome. It’s hard to imagine what creative people can do with technology until you swing by one of these things. Enjoy creations, demos, and opportunities to dive into tech yourself. From 10am to 7pm in Downtown Mesa.

Laughing Moon Con 2014


Taking place at Desert Ridge Highschool and geared towards a introducing a younger crowd to table top gaming, this li’l convention has stuck around for a few years. Check it out from 10am to 10pm.

Time Travelers Weekend At The RenFest

[Way Out There]

The RenFest is going full blown steampunk and Doctor Who on Saturday. The TARDIS will be there, as well as a costume contest.

Scottish Highland Games


I was on the fence about mentioning this one, but the kilts and broadswords won me over. Please refrain from challenging everyone to a duel and declaring “there can be only one” while you’re there, okay? Save it for the underground parking lots, buddy.

Don’t forget to celebrate the future birth of one James Tiberius Kirk.