This weekend, Phoenix swing swords, falls in love with Doctor Who, jousts, and more.

Friday, Feb 7th

Conan The Barbarian, Plus Inflatable Swords


The Film Bar is straight up bringing it this month with fantasy films. This weekend is none other than everyone’s favorite enemy-crushing and lamentation-hearing barbarian. Plus Jose from the Torch Theatre is hosting, which is reason enough right there to check it out. Also, inflatable swords. The insanity begins at 9:45pm.

Pseudo Science Art Show


Art meets science during First Friday at Frontal Lobe Community Space and Gallery. Local artists are displaying representations of scientific or technological explorations. Dig it, man. ::snaps fingers::

Saturday, Feb 8th

2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival

[Way Out There]

Somebody crank up Greensleeves, the RenFest begins this weekend! Let loose, eat meat with your hands, watch some jousting, and do whatever else one does at a RenFest. I still haven’t been to one. Maybe this year…

The 2014 Phoenix Idiotarod


Hmm, how to describe the Phoenix Idiotarod. Themed cosplaying teams racing around with shopping carts? I’ll go with that. If you’ve registered, may the force be with you. If not, it should still be worth enjoying the display. Starts at 1pm.

[Doctor] Who Has My Heart[s]


I don’t think I could say it any better than their event page: Hallucinogenic lipstick is red, the T.A.R.D.I.S. is blue, bowties are cool and so are you! It’s timey-wimey to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your favorite Doctor. Beautiful. Show up at Bookmans Mesa around 1pm. I’m guessing costumes are encouraged.

Be My Hufflepuff


Less into timelords and more into boy wizards? Not to worry. Bookmans Phoenix is hosting a Hogwarts themed Valentines Day party at 3pm. Or double your nerdery by going to both.

Comedy Avengers


This line-up of at least eleven local comedians has returned to sling some nerd humor your way. Last year they did stand up about Mario, T2, Batman, and just about everything else. The show is free if you show up wearing a nerdy t-shirt. Starts at 7pm at Lawn Gnome Publishing.

Aaaaaand… go!