This weekend, Phoenix gets way into steampunk, goes medieval, and builds some awesome stuff together.

Friday, Feb 28th

Estrella War

[Queen Creek]

Wow, you look tense. You really need to disconnect for the weekend, enjoy nature, and beat the crap out of someone with a fake sword. Fortunately, Estrella War is happening all weekend at Schnepf Farms and anyone can participate. Prepare thyself by reading this very helpful newbie FAQ then get a bit sword-wieldy for a few days. You’ve earned it.

The Wind Rises

[All Over]

Harkins is starting to play Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animated wonder this Friday. I don’t know tons about it, but I do hear it’s pretty bitter-sweet – which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Saturday, March 1st

2nd Annual STEAMpunk Scientific Exhibition


This event looks to be an exploration of actual steam technology and geared (cough) towards a younger crowd. If you dig that sweet steampunk vibe, it could be pretty cool. Starts at 10am and goes until 4pm at the Rossen House Museum, also on Sunday. High five the Phoenix Comicon team as they should be around.

Steampunk Saturday


Two steampunk events on the same day? Capital! Bookmans Phoenix is giving away a few tickets to the Arizona Theater Company’s production of Around The World in 80 Days in pure steampunk fashion. The Arizona Steampunk Society will be around to help meet the required goggle-to-top-hat ratio required for such events. From noon to 2pm.

Gangplank Avondale Maker Event


Or, you can skip steampunk altogether and enjoy a free event with “3D printing, Arduino demos, local makers showing off what they have made, crafts for kids and food!” So, nerds, tech, and BBQ. Sounds great!

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