This weekend, Phoenix leaps between bodies, universes, Nightvale, 80’s arcades, Star Wars cantinas, and more.

Thursday, Jan 30th

Science Fiction TV Dinner – Quantum Leap


Free dinner, an episode of Quantum Leap, and uber-nerds discussing it all the whole time. I see nothing not to love about this. Starts at 4:30pm way out east at the ASU Polytech campus.

Welcome to Nightvale LIVE


A vague, yet menacing, government agency has declined to confirm that Welcome to Nightvale’s live show at the Tempe Center for the Arts will be awesome. Mayor Pamela Winchell, however, did confirm it will be awesome, then screamed into the night sky for several minutes, her teeth clenched, fingers slowly extending towards the ground. For those of you who’d like to find out for yourself, I believe the 10pm show still has some tickets. Shoot me a high five if you see me there.

Friday, Jan 31st

Adults Night at the Children’s Museum


I’ve heard these are pretty fun. Leave the kids at home, show up at the Phoenix Children’s Museum and enjoy a 70’s themed (Star Wars, anyone?) party all night. Plus they have an “Atari Wall.” Starts at 7:30pm. Dig it.

Arcade ’85!


Seems like it was only a few weeks ago that the valley’s random superhero / time traveler guy popped up his 80′s arcade in Gilbert. I’m not complaining. Fill your pockets with quarters and relive the golden age of arcades. Things get awesome to the max around 8pm at 660 N Gilbert Rd.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Cantina Tour Arrives In Phoenix


This is one of those events I just happened to stumble across and I know next to nothing about it. Does anyone know anything they can share? It’s happening at 8pm at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix.

Sci-Fi Fridays: Computer Interfaces in Pop Culture – Gallery


The Tempe Center for the Arts continues their Sci-Fi Fridays, this time there will be a discussion about “the imagination-driven past, pop-fueled present and techno-speculative future of human-computer interfaces.” Show up around 6pm.

Saturday, Feb 1st

Phoenix Comicon Open Casting for Moderators


The moderation team at Phoenix Comicon is looking for volunteers to be the professional public face of Phoenix Comicon. If you enjoy public speaking and can handle yourself in front of a crowd, then show up at The Film Bar between 10am and 1pm.



Don’t quite leave The Film Bar yet. They’re completely ruling February this year with a continuous stream of fantasy films and they’re starting the whole thing off with Labyrinth. Show starts at 2pm, but it’s playing all weekend.

Great Debate – Parallel Realities: Probing Fundamental Physics


I’ll admit I did a double take when my phone buzzed and told me I had an email from Laurence Krauss. (It ended up just being a blast about this event.) He and a few other brainiacs will be on stage to talk about our universe, it’s uniqueness (or lack thereof), and how we might know if there are parallel universes where everyone wears a fake goatee. Starts at 7pm, and be sure to follow the link up there as they’ll be webcasting if you can’t make it.

Goodnight, Phoenix… goodnight…