This weekend, Phoenix has a comic book convention, makes video games, goes steampunk, plays with robots, and even breathes fire.

Thursday, Jan 23rd

Steampunk Ball: Sketch & Snap Night


You know it’s about to get real when an event invites you to “don your finest frippery.” In other words, wear the crap out of your best goggles, lift your pinky finger, and participate in the local community that is steampunk. Artists and photographers are also encouraged to show up and do their thing. If you like steampunk, a good time is pretty much guaranteed. At The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts around 7pm.

The Arizona Renaissance Festival Invades Bookmans Mesa


Bookmans always throws great little parties, and this time around it’s all about the renaissance, which is a word I will someday spell correctly the first time I type it out – but not today. Sounds like this shindig will boast more than a few pirates and maybe a few wenches. If you’re lucky, you may win tickets to the upcoming festival. Starts at 7pm.

Friday, Jan 24th

Amazing Arizona Comic Con Begins


Amazing Arizona is back once again, and this time they’ve graduated to the Phoenix Convention Center. Enjoy an entire weekend of comics, zombies, cosplay, and everything else. Robert Kirkman is the big guest, so bring some Walking Dead swag to get signed and have a great time.

Phoenix Global Game Jam Begins


Want to help make a video game in 48hrs? Show up at the Phoenix Global Game Jam and get ready to be creative and/or code. Phoenix is joining the rest of the world in the challenge, which will include a secret theme announced Friday night. Get to know and work with local developers, artists, and more. Sounds pretty cool.

Sci-Fi Fridays: Robotics Demonstration Gallery


I don’t have much more information than the title suggests, but Mark Fedasiuk of the University of Advancing Technology will be conducting a robotic science demonstration at the Tempe Center for The Arts around 6pm. Seems to be aimed at kids. Part of the American POP! Comic Books to Science Fiction Gallery taking place there right now.

Knights of Badassdom!


Take every joke you could possibly make about LARPing, cram them into a full length movie, add one succubus, mix in Abed from Community, add a dash of River Tam, and you’ve got Knights of Badassdom. Honestly, I’ll watch just about anything with Jimmi Simpson in it. The films opens at the Film Bar at 8pm with showtimes all weekend. Prepare thyself!

Saturday, Jan 25th

Mulan 2014 – Epic Kung Fu and Dance Experience


Anything with the words “Epic Kung Fu” in the title deserves to be mentioned on this blog. Every time. Takes place at the Phoenix Convention Center with showtimes at 2pm and 7pm.

YAllapalooza 2014


Changing Hands is gathering in a bunch of great YA genre authors, buying pizza, and letting fans mix and mingle. I love YA books, so this sounds awesome. Could be doubly awesome if you’re looking to network in the industry. Show up at 4pm.

Dragon Training: Fire Eating & Breathing Workshop


Do you want to learn how to eat and breath fire?! Of course, we all do. [*Dang, looks like it sold out…]

*Just Added: Nerdlesque!!


I’ve been informed there are some sassy sassy shenanigans going on at Joe’s Grotto around 7pm. Geek culture meets debauchery. Ohhhhh my…

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory


There’s no earthly way of knowing how much more fun watching a cult film is with other fans unless you try it out. Of course, if you don’t go YOU GET NOTHING. Show starts at 8pm at the Film Bar.

So much time, so little to do. Wait a minute – strike that. Reverse it.