This weekend, Phoenix hangs out with jedi, ghostbusters, game developers, & otakus.

Thursday, Dec 12th

IDGA Demo Night


Local indie game developers are taking 5min each to show off their latest work. I’m hoping anyone can wander in to the University of Advancing Technology at 7pm and check it out. I love indie games and local creators so, win win.

Friday, Dec 13th

Screening: Madoka Magica 3


I confess my knowledge of the anime world is pretty limited, but I’ll also confess I’ve been checking out a few shows lately (Attack on Titan, a few episodes of Kill la Kill). I’ve heard among the otaku that Modaka Magica is the bomb. If you already knew this, you may want to check out this screening at the Valley Art on Friday. Multiple showtimes.

Spaghetti Westerns: Japanese Style


Judging by the completely awesome trailer for this screening, “Japanese style” means a crazy western when SUDDENLY KAIJU then monsters wearing sombreros. Also judging by the trailer, it looks like the most amazing way you could possibly spend your late Friday night. At the Filmbar around 10pm.

Saturday, Dec 14th

Sparky Con


Okay, I feel weird posting this one. As far as I can tell “Sparky Con” is pretty much just a game truck and a PS4 in an ASU parking lot before a basketball game. Will people show up in costume as invited? I do not know – but I do know it costs $9 and starts at 10am. Bringing it up for anyone interested.

Star Wars Photo Time


You’ve all seen the Star Wars: Bohemian Rhapsody that UAT and local Star Wars costumers put together, right? Okay, good. Now go to Bookmans Phoenix from 5pm to 7pm and take pictures with local Star Wars costumers. They’re good people.

Ghostbusters II


Bill Murray, slime, using an NES Advantage to control a walking Statue of Liberty. It’s all there. The Arizona Ghostbusters will be at the Filmbar at 8pm for the screening, raising money for charity. Swing by if bustin’ makes you feel good.

Bam. Lots of excuses to get out and do something weird. Come back often for nerdy things to do ’round these parts.