This weekend, Phoenix shows off a few prototypes, draws comic books, & hangs out with hundreds of Santas.

More Santas means more Christmas magic!

Thursday, Dec 5th

Rifftrax Live! Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

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By now you should know I’m a huge fan of these Rifftrax Live events. I have yet to regret going to a single show. Not only are the guys from MST3K as funny as ever, but Santa Claus Conquers The Martians is such a wonderfully awful movie. Just fantastic stuff. Shows start at 7pm.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con Drink & Draw


It’s become an annual tradition for the folks at AACC to throw this night of social doodling. Show up and get to know other comic book geeks in the valley. I believe it’s starting around 7:30pm at the Phoenix Tilted Kilt and goes all evening.

Friday, Dec 6th

ASU Digital Culture Art Show


Check out what crazy prototypes and inventions the nerds at ASU are creating. Promises lots of interactive installations and media. I’m pretty curious how this turns out; I love seeing what creative people can come up with using technology these days. From noon to 5pm at Stauffer Hall B, Room B125.

Saturday, Dec 7th



Take one Santa Claus, then multiply it by over 800. That should give you an idea of what Santarchy is like. This is your chance to dress up as any kind of Santa you want (Darth Santa? Mario Santa?) and freak out the general population by joining hundreds of other Santas in an evening of inexplicable wackiness. Starts at 6pm at Dos Gringos.

Get out, have fun, be merry & weird.