This weekend, Phoenix celebrates The Doctor, gets to the choppah, frolics a bit more than usual, & more.

You have no idea how long I’ve waited for excuse to use that picture up there…

Friday, Nov 22nd

MythBusters Live!


*I’ve heard this is sold out. If you could afford tickets then an evening of ‘what can we blow up’ awaits you. Not sure what a MythBusters Live performance is like, but it’s The Mythbusters, so…

Saturday, Nov 23rd

Other World Fairy Festival


Goblins, trolls, fairies, wizened old wizards, satyrs, witches, mermaids, or even a little steampunk if it fancies you… Dust off ye olde tome of magyks and join others at Castle’s n’ Coasters for an all day party.

Doctor Who Parties


Where will you be when Day of The Doctor airs?

Ghostbusters Night


If bustin’ makes you feel good, you need to drop by Bookmans Mesa, bring the kids, and have a grand old time from 4pm to 6pm

Arcade ’85


God bless you, random superhero time traveler guy who makes a temporary 80′s arcade in Gilbert sometimes and post the dates/times on Craigslist. Join the awesome to the max madness around 8pm.

Cult Classics: Predator


You may have seen Predator, you may have seen it many times – but have you watched it in a theater packed full of fellow fans? Find out if it enhances the experience at 9:30pm at the Tempe Pollack Theater.

Have fun, you crazy kids!