This weekend, Arizona marvels at the heavens, builds a steampunk wonderland, and has an anime convention.

Have a crazy weekend, everyone:

Thursday, Nov 7th

SpaceVision 2013


This one sorely tempts me to ditch everyone I love and hold dear for an entire weekend of nerding out over the majesty of space. Let’s just say that Bill Nye will be there being Bill Nye. (You should at least check out their agenda because they use 24 hour time and it’s adorable.) Taking place at ASU all weekend.

Friday, Nov 8th

*TusCon 40


Thanks to Michael on Facebook for making sure I included TusCon 40: “The best little SciFi, Fantasy, Horror Con in Arizona.” Take a mini-road-trip down south and see if it lives up to that claim all weekend.

Steampunk Street VI


It seems like only yesterday that Downtown Mesa was first transforming itself into a world of steampunk. Now we’re at 6? Excuse me… VI?? If you enjoy the be-goggled aesthetic of a Neo-Victorian era, you’ll want to join other fans around 6pm and hang out all evening. It’s usually very well attended, there are great vendors, and good times are had.

Root The Box Competition


Attacking computer systems can be fun for everyone! Hang with some fellow hackers at the Chandler Downtown Community Center and participate in “a computer hacking (CTF) game that requires skill, speed and teamwork.” Friday evening is getting together and training, Saturday afternoon is the real deal. Plus their site is really neat.

Star Trek: TNG with Bad Astronomer


It’s hard to pass up watching one of the internet’s biggest Nerds (with a capital N) getting all science-y up in TNG’s face for your entertainment, so you probably shouldn’t. Especially when it’s free and open to the public. 8pm at ASU.

Saturday, Nov 9th

Kikori Con 2013


Time to drive up north a little bit and show off your new Attack on Titan cosplay, or your Kill la Kill cosplay if you’re feeling sassy. The Little America Hotel in Flagstaff should be your home for the weekend if you feel like geeking out with fellow anime fans.

Well, that’s all I got this week, comrades. If you know of more, please share!