This weekend, Phoenix embraces the dead, robots, and its inner nerd.

Happy Halloween, everyone. There are tons of costume parties going on, beyond the events listed below.

Cosplayers, this is your time to shine.

Thursday, Oct 31st

Steamcrow: Feed Your Indie Beast Lecture


Who better to inspire and guide you into a world of running your own independent brand than your local monsterologist? Steamcrow is speaking at ASU about his adventures and advice in heading out on your own and building a small empire of whatever it is you’re passionate about creating. 3pm at┬áHerberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Bizzare-O-Ween Ball


Like I’ve said before, there are, according to my estimation, somewhere around 173 trazillion Halloween costume parties going on, so I’ll just highlight the nerdiest sounding one. I mean, it’s taking place at the Arizona Science Center, so…

Starts at 7pm and rocks all night.

Dr Diabolic: Night of The Living Dead


Before your inevitable sugar coma kicks in, finish off your Halloween with Night of The Living Dead at The FilmBar presented by Dr Diabolic and his crazy crew. Competitive brain eating will most likely ensue. From 10 to midnight.

Friday, Nov 1st

Robots & What Nots: A Space Boy Robot Show


Space Boy Robot makes great stuff. I love his little robot creations. His stuff is out in the open for you to check out as of this Friday. Opening reception from 7pm to 9pm should make for a fun mix of sci-fi and class.

AZ Zombie Prom


We’re squeezing in one more Zombie Prom this season, so don’t throw away that blood stained blazer just yet. Tons of live music, the crowning of royalty. You get the idea. Should be a solid good time. Bands start playing around 6pm and more keep taking the stage all night. At Fear Farm.

Saturday, Nov 2nd



I’m not sure exactly what’s going at the AZ Collector’s Marketplace other than regular genre-centric shopping, but they’re calling the event NERDvoberfest (now that’s a portmanteau), so I feel a moral obligation to mention it. Starts at 10am, if you’re curious.

* Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k


Apparently a 3rd party has stepped in and risen this dead event from beyond the grave. Looks like you can still spend your weekend running (literally) from zombies (not literally)!

* Tucson Comicon

[Tucson, duh]

Yes, it’s outside of the Phoenix area, but it was horrible negligence on my part to forget to mention this comicon going down a small-roadtrip south of us. All day Saturday and Sunday at the Tucson Convention Center.

* Dawn of The Dead


We’re still not done with zombies here, people. And I’m pretty sure Cult Classics will hunt me down and feast on my flesh for leaving out their screening of Dawn of The Dead this Saturday night. Catch it at the Tempe Pollock Theatre around 9:30pm.

Nerd it up!