zombies - by Y - flickr creative commons

This weekend, Phoenix geeks out with zombies, TMBG, more zombies, and a whole bunch of steampunk.

Do something interesting this weekend:

Thursday, Oct 24th

Rifftrax Live: Night of The Living Dead

[All Over]

If you can make it to this you need to – Rifftrax Live showings are quickly becoming one of my favorite things ever. Watch as the guys from MST3K beam a live riffing of this classic zombie flick right into your local theater. It’s good times.

Friday, Oct 25th

They Might Be Giants


I grew up on TMBG so I’m always happy when they’re in town. Catch these geek rockers if you can; they put on a great show. They’ll be on stage around 8pm at the Marquee Theater.

Saturday, Oct 26th



The Southeast Regional Library is throwing a mini-comicon in the afternoon. Show up from noon to 4pm & feel free to costume up. Get ready for nerd trivia, gaming, zombies, and food. Plus libraries are awesome, so show them some nerd love, yo.

Steampunk Gallery: Opening Ceremony & Tea Party


That gallery of everything steampunk is finally opening at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library. If you’d like a spot of tea and to participate in witty banter with fellow chrononauts, show up between 4pm to 6pm. Expect a tea duel or two. You know, for honor.

Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk


This is it people. Z Day has arrived and it’s starting in Downtown Phoenix. Join thousands of other shamblers for this massive zombie walk and let your haunting moans be heard. Zombie events happening all afternoon and into the evening, but I think the main action starts around 6pm.

Sunday, Oct 27th

Steampunk Sunday at Wild West Festival


Hey, more steampunk! Apparently the whole day is all about the stuff, so show up especially if you’ve got a great costume.

Have a great weekend, cephalobots!