This weekend, Phoenix smells fear, wears fur, beams up, & hunts vampires.

Now get out there with your bad self.

Friday, Oct 11th

Arizona Fur Con


If you’re way into animal costumes and whatnot, consider your weekend planned. Furries are converging on the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale in great numbers starting on Friday. Looks like they’ll enjoy guests, contests, panels, gaming, and everything else.

*Future Is Games (Added)


Almost forgot that this free indie video game developer conference is still going on! If you’re interested in the world of video games, there’s no reason not to show up and have some knowledge dropped on you.

Star Trek: The Exhibition Opens


The State Fair is hosting what I believe could be called a “butt-load” of Star Trek stuff at this thing. Looks pretty awesome, and may be reason enough to convince me to brave the State Fair for an evening. It should be hanging around for a while, but it opens this weekend.

Zombie Film Shoot


Support locally made zombie movies and shamble around for a while on camera. Plus pizza! Location and time in the link above. I swear these guys did a shoot like this last year. Now I have to look…

Bookmans: Hob Nob With the Dead


Meet the recently crowned Phoenix Zombie King & Queen at Bookmans, among other undead activities. It’s Bookmans, so you can probably bring the whole family for this one. Starts at 6pm.

Downtown Mesa: Monster Mash


This month’s 2nd Friday is all about costume contests, haunted basement tours, and live music. Gotta love this time of year.

Sunday, Oct 13th

The Lost Boys


Finish off your week with some 80′s vampire goofball action; hyper-sexy sweaty saxaphone guy included. Plus, everyone knows that real vampires have spiky blonde mullets. Shows at the Film Bar at 8:30pm.

Enjoy, comrades!