This weekend, Phoenix reminds you of a babe, pops up an arcade, performs the big bang, has a masquerade, and joins a nerd parade.

Who can kinda rhyme? This guy. That’s who.

Thursday, Oct 17th

Squash Blossom Horror Film Fest


This one’s win win win, my friends: It’s free, it’s playing indie & local horror films (and a few classics), and if you win their costume contest you get memberships to LepreCon 2014 as well as a free night’s stay at the Marriott.

At Squash Blossom starting Thursday and going through Saturday.

First Time Film Club: Labyrinth


Fill your eyes with David Bowie’s magical silver pants, perhaps for the first time. NCT & Bookmans are making sure you’ve seen Labyrinth at least once before you die, and they’re bringing a few give-aways with them.

At the National Comedy Theater starting around 7:30pm.

Friday, Oct 18th

A Brief Anniversary of Time


All right, are you ready? This is “a one-man show celebrating the 25th anniversary of Stephen Hawking’s revolutionary book A Brief History of Time.” Go ahead and re-read that. Think about it for a second. It’s taking place in the Marston Exploration Theater (a planetarium) and “will incorporate 3D  media and sound through the use of the theater’s state-of-the-art stereoscopic projection system.”

You have no idea how curious I am as to how this plays out.

Shows Friday, Saturday, & Sunday night. Most at 7:30pm.

Arcade ’85!


So, this random superhero slash time traveler guy likes to pop up an 80’s arcade in Gilbert sometimes and post the dates/times on Craigslist. Right on, time traveling superhero guy… right on. Fill your pockets with quarters and relive the golden age of arcades.

Things get awesome to the max around 8pm at 660 N Gilbert Rd.

Zero Charisma


Awkward and overbearing nerds who take Dungeons & Dragons way too seriously – it practically writes itself! This self-proclaimed “nerdsploitation” film is having a run in Phoenix for those interested. Shows all weekend, including a special gaming event on Saturday night.

At The Film Bar with showtimes all over the place.

Saturday, Oct 19th

Nerd Walk 2013!


If you’d like to hang out and march with some fellow nerds, the PBS Nerd Walk is for you. Celebrate the fact that “everyone is a nerd for something” and show your allegiance to your geek brothers and sisters as you chant the digits of Pi to the masses. I’ve been before – it’s a lot of fun and I met some wicked awesome people. Plus, free swag!

Starts at 11 at ASU’s homecoming parade. Register first, put on some comfy walking shoes, then show up!

All Hallows Masquerade Ball 2013


There are a whole lotta halloween parties going on this month, so I’m trying to only spotlight the ‘nerdier’ ones, if that’s even possible. In this case, the All Hallows Masquerade Ball has a steampunk, goblin, gothic fantasy, kinda vibe going on. That counts, right?

At the Comfort Inn in Phoenix, and you have to get tickets at these vendors.

Villain’s Ball


And I’m including this one because the theme is villains – which sounds awesome. Gotham City’s rogues alone would make for a great party.

Starts at 6:30pm at Joe’s Grotto.

Cult Classics: Army of Darkness


Let Cult Classics whisk you away to the wonderful world of boomsticks and king hailing. Watching a movie you love surrounded by other fans just enhances the experience. It’s good times.

At Tempe Pollack Theatre starting at 9:30pm.

Sunday, Oct 20th

Alton Brown – Live!


I really dig Alton’s food + science thing he’s got going on and he’s in town this weekend. I really wish I could make it as I’m pretty intrigued by what the show is like.

See Mr Good Eats himself at the Mesa Arts Center at 7:30pm.

Whew, I made it. Hope I didn’t miss anything. If so, just openly mock me in the comments. ::sniff::