This weekend, Phoenix gets a few movie snacks, stays up all night gaming, and has a Keen Halloween.

It’s almost October, which means that events are slowly turning in a wonderfully weird direction.

Friday, Sep 27th

Colossal Studios Grand Opening


Fancy yourself a bit of a movie geek? You should check this place out. Tons of movie sets and a giant green screen. Show up around 6pm and wander around.

LAN Speed Games: All Night Lock In


If the idea of spending an entire night locked in a building filled with other gamers running on pure caffeine sounds like the best Friday night ever, you’re in luck! LAN Speed is doing just that, and providing pizza. Doors shut at 10pm and open again at 8am.

Saturday, Sep 28th

Keen Halloween Begins!


Steamcrow is back this year with another installment of Keen Halloween. It’s all about DIY costuming, inspiration, decorations, monster art and crafts, and everything that you’ve loved about Halloween your whole life. I’ll be there. Saturday and Sunday at Sano Fitness Studio at the Metro Center Mall.

Stephen Spielberg & John Williams


As of this writing there are only a handful of seats left, and holy crap if you can afford them we need to be friends. That said, Stephen “Jurassic Park, ET, Goonies, & Close Encounters” Spielberg will be there with John “Yeah, I Composed The Music To  Star Wars, ‘Nuff Said” Williams. At Symphony Hall, 7:30pm.

Donnie Darko


The Film Bar is playing Donnie Darko a few times this weekend. Most of the screenings are at 7:40pm. Confession: I’ve never seen it, but it looks right up my alley.

Elvira: Mistress of The Dark


Anyone who let’s people know “that it’s OK to love ‘bad’ cinema’ is okay in my book. Stick around at the Film Bar after Donnie Darko and catch a 25th Anniversary screening of “Mistress of The Dark.”

What sounds fun to you, comrades?