This weekend, Phoenix eats with smegheads, flies with the conchords, parties with wizards, sighs with Grumpy Cat, and more!

So much to do…

Thursday, Sep 19th

TV Dinner: Red Dwarf


Free food and one of science fictions most annoying holograms? Smeg yeah. ASU continues to pig out and explore the impact of TV’s greatest sci-fi shows with Red Dwarf. Register then show up for dinner and a discussion on humor in science fiction.

6:15pm, ASU Tempe – Cottonwood Hall, Room 101/103

Friday, Sep 20th

“Noob” Workshops Begin


If you’re interested in the world of game development, but feel like a total n00b, well check it out, my friend – a whole weekend to help you out. Plus it’s free! Go! Here’s a schedule and way to register.

Saturday, Sep 21st

Help Film A Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody Video


Got a Star Wars costume? Perfect. Can you dance? Well, show up anyway at the University of Advancing Technology around 10am and get yo’self green-screened in faster than George Lucas can say “prequel.” (Hey-oh!)

Here’s a Facebook event page for it with a bit more info, which includes a preview of the Star Wars-ized Bohemian Rhapsody.

Red Dragon Tavern MicroCon


The Unnamed Association of Gamers are hosting a Saturday game-fest, including snacks, tournaments, and plenty of adventure. Not sure about the location listed, but here’s a bit more info if you’re curious.

Harry Potter Parties

[Phoenix & Mesa]

Gotta love the boy who lived! Bookmans does, and wants to show it. Two parties at both Mesa & Phoenix locations. Plus they may or may not have tickets to the completely sold out Halloween At Hogwarts show to give away! (They do.) Bookmans Mesa at 1pm, and Phoenix at 5pm.

Arizona Indie Game Showcase


Spend the afternoon enjoying live music and rubbing elbows with some of the coolest game developers ’round these parts. Oh yeah, and play some of the games they’re making! Sounds friggin’ awesome to me. 10am to 4pm at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Can someone tell me who is designing the posters for these events? Because they’re brilliant. Also, I had no idea that the developers for Scale were local. Double swoon.

Iconica Game Night


Meet the man behind both Iconica and the Lightning Octopus logo as he shares how to play his gorgeous fantasy card game. Iconica Game Night starts at 5pm at Phoenix’s Samurai Comics location.

KoL Con X


Is an adventurer you?! Too many things to list going on at Kingdom of Loathing’s annual bash, but I will mention that MC Frontalot will be performing.

Learn all about it in the KoL forums.

Sunday, Sep 22nd

Grumpy Cat


There’s famous, and then there’s famous cat on the internet famous. Not only does buying Grumpy Cat’s latest book get you two seats to her visit, but it also gets you a depressing photo op with her as well. Starts at 2pm at Changing Hands. You may want to show up a wee bit early.

Flight of The Conchords


Bret? Present. Jemaine? Present. All right. First item: Flight of The Conchords at Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix. Be there if you want to see these two make comedy magic happen on stage.

What will you be up to this weekend?