This weekend, the Phoenix area geeks out over just about everything.

Not a lot this weekend, but hey, one event is a full on convention:

Thursday, Aug 8th

CopperCon Revolution 2013!


This sci-fi / fantasy / everything cool convention is kicking off an entire weekend of full blown nerdity. They boast local guests and cosplayers and booths and panels and an all around good time. Check CopperCon out this weekend at The Windmere Hotel in mesa.

Saturday, Aug 10th

Arizona Browncoats: Shindig!


You like Firefly, I like Firefly, these guys and gals like Firefly too. Let’s all get together and geek out over our favorite canceled western horror comedy space opera tv show. The gang’s getting together at Bookman’s Mesa around 5pm.

Sunday, Aug 11th

The Last Starfighter


When I was a kid this film both fascinated and terrified me. The idea that a video game could actually be an intergalactic testing / recruiting station was awesome, but man, those aliens… the nightmares. Well, here’s a chance to overcome my childhood fears. The Last Starfighter is screening at the Phoenix Art Museum around 1pm.

 If I missed anything, please drop a comment. Have fun this weekend!