This weekend, Phoenix dines with the undead, laughs at Sci-Fi, raids lost arks, and has a giant anime convention.

Carpe weekend, my nerdy friends. Carpe weekend.

Thursday, Aug 29th

ASU TV Dinner: The Walking Dead


Om nom nom. Zombie and dinner jokes go well together, but I’ll abstain today. ASU is hosting another free dinner with a screening of a speculative fiction tv show. This time, it’s the Walking Dead followed by a few presentations about zombie apocalypse politics & why zombies continue to fascinate us. Starts at 6:15pm – this link will give you more info and a map.

Spoof & Cinema Sci-Fi Surprise


NCT Phoenix has a habit of removing the sound from Sci-Fi shows and making up there own dialogue. They also have a habit of keeping which show they’re working a surprise. The Facebook page for the event has a strong Dr Who vibe, but it could just be a clever ruse. Maybe not. Free and starts at 7:30pm.

Saturday, Aug 31st

Saboten Con Begins!


Saboten is Phoenix’s big ol’ anime convention. While I think any excuse to get together with like-minded nerds and geek out about the things you love is a good excuse, the fact that they’re hosting a Legend of Zelda steampunk ball should add some sweet sugar on top of the deal. Get your anime / video game / other stuff on all weekend!

Jesse James Comics 4 Year Anniversary Party


Mr James is boasting a “party for the ages” for comic book fans at his store’s 4th birthday party. Expect giveaways, good company, and a special guest. Pretty much happening all morning on Saturday.

Sunday, Sept 1st



HeatSync Labs is hosting a “free educational/hands-on event to teach people how to use vetted open source cryptographic software for secure/private communications.” If that sounds up your alley, show up around noon and crypto-party hard!

Indiana Jones – Raiders of The Lost Ark


Brat Haus has moved on from Star Wars and is now entering Indiana Jones territory. Hate snakes all over again starting around “sunset.”

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