This weekend, Phoenix takes the red pill and refuses to let anyone take the sky from them.

Phoenix nerds in the hooooouse!

Thursday, Aug 22nd

MK12 Visits


If you happened to have watched the opening sequences of Quantum of Solace or Stranger Than Fiction and thought to yourself “Wow, those are some pretty sweet motion graphics, and I’d love to meet the folks who did those” well, you’re in luck! Part of AIGA – 7pm at ASU Marston Exploration Theater.

Saturday, Aug 24th



It’s hard to imagine an 80’s game of D&D without at least a few mullets and/or ponytails, and at least a little Queensryche going on in the background. Relive the glory days, my friends. Celebrity Theater around 8:30pm.

*Rewind This


Another late addition. Kinda niche, but if you love crazy 80’s wackiness, this documentary on VHS culture may be up your alley. Starts at 9:30pm at the Filmbar.

Sunday, Aug 25th

The Matrix


Ah, The Matrix. One amazing scene after another, fantastic story telling, concepts that kept people talking long after they saw the movie. One of the few movies I’ll never forget seeing for the first time. Yes, yes, the whole human battery thing is bunk, but The Matrix was the right movie at the right time and nerds everywhere rejoiced. See it again at 1pm, Phoenix Art Museum.

Can’t Stop The Serenity!


Local nerds are helping Equality Now (Joss’ charity) and Kids Need To Read (Nathan’s charity) by watching Serenity and some Dr Horrible. Join other fans and cry on each others’ shoulders during that one scene with Wash. You know what I’m talking about. Hold on. Something stuck in my eye. At the Studio Movie Grill starting at 4pm.

*Star Wars: Return of The Jedi


Okay, time for me to facepalm for forgetting this one: They’re playing the original Star Wars Trilogy at Brat Haus. This time around you can cheer on the rancor and roll your eyes at the Ewoks.

Now, get out there, you crazy kids!