This weekend, the Phoenix area kills some bugs, builds robots, and goes on a most excellent adventure.

Thursday, Aug 15th

Rifftrax Live! Starship Troopers

All Over

I say this every time Rifftrax does one of their live broadcasts, but it’s always true: you need to go to at least one of these shows. They are hilarious. I’m pretty sure Mike, Kevin, and Bill know that Starship Troopers is already a satire, but that won’t stop them from cracking wise through the whole show for your entertainment. Find a theater, show’s around 8pm.

Would you like to know more?

Robotics Night!

Queen Creek

There’s a “robotics night” starting up at the Queen Creek library at 5:30pm. Robots are cool.

Details are slim, but hey, it’s robots.

Saturday, Aug 17th

Cult Classics: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Strange things are afoot at the Tempe Pollock Theater this weekend. Cult Classics is celebrating a few anniversaries by screening the excellent adventure of ones Bill & Ted. I’m picking up a strong this-movie-was-filmed-here-and-we’re-going-to-celebrate-that vibe from the event promotions, so expect some fun local background on the film.

Get tickets then show up around 9:3opm for the show.

Sunday, Aug 18th

*Just Added* Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!


Holy buckets, they’re playing the original Star Wars Trilogy at Brat Haus. Thanks to Tanner for the heads up!

Have a great weekend, and be excellent to each other!