weird al

This weekend, Phoenix beams up, gets Weird, plays thermonuclear war, and more.

Oh, and Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 4th

Party at LAN Speed Games [Peoria]

Details are slim but you can celebrate the independence of your country by blowing up a small (virtual) part of it. According to this tweet, all are invited to show up at 7pm, put on an apron and grill anything they want to bring, and spend the night gaming. ‘Murica!

Friday, July 5th

Adults’ Night Out – AZ Science Center [Phoenix]

The Center is kicking out all the kids at 5:30pm and bringing in DJs and talking about explosions. Learn all about the science behind those beautiful, loud, dog scaring, car alarm triggering, big, booming fireworks. Lecture starts at 7pm.

Local Artists at Samurai Comics [Mesa]

Some fantastic comic book artists are hanging out all afternoon (12pm to 4pm) doing sketches and signings. Check out their flyer.

Saturday, July 6th

Star Trek Day at Gotham City Comics [Mesa]

An excuse for fans to get together and talk trek? That should be enough, but they’re also boasting freebies, Klingon speaking, and Star Trek cookies! Bam. Starts at noon.

Sunday, July 7th

War Games [Phoenix]

Ah, the movie that taught us to decline invitations to play thermonuclear war from strange government computers. Gather with other fans of classic hacking movies and enjoy a teeny tiny Ferris as he races the clock. At the Phoenix Art Museum at 1pm.

Weird Al – Alpacolypse [Mesa]

His royal weirdness is braving the heat to entertain us this weekend. You should definitely go if you believe it truly IS all about the Pentiums, baby. At the Mesa Arts Center arount 7:30pm.

Data wants you to enjoy the crap out if this weekend, so have fun!