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This weekend, Phoenix goes a little crazy with video game activities, decides it’s Halloween, and rides a luck dragon.

Slim pickings, what with SDCC going on out west, but still a few reasons to get out:

Saturday, July 20th

Art of Video Games Events [Phoenix]

The exhibit may be small, but this Saturday they’re packing in plenty of events:

The Art of Making a Video Game: Live Demo – 10am

Artist Arcade – Free To Play “Artcade” Games – 10am

Board Game Design Challenge – 10am

A Night In The Fields: Performance – 2pm

(Also, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is playing on Sunday, if you’re into really bad movies.)

Salt River Tubing Spooktacular

You really shouldn’t let your calendar boss you around so much. If you want it to be Halloween, then dress up and celebrate Halloween. Better yet, dress up and ride down the Salt River with other fans of the holiday.

The Neverending Story [Tempe]

Live the dream with Bastion, the unicorn-drawing bullied kid, and Atrayu from the plains where they hunt the purple buffalo. Just don’t forget to close your eyes when Atrayu and Artax go into the Swamps of Sadness. (Hold on… something in my eye.) Cult Classics is showing the film around 9:30pm.

Luck Dragon