video games

About a year ago I caught wind that the Art of Video Games was going to be coming to the Phoenix Art Museum in June. And now, after sitting on the Lightning Octopus calendar for quite a while, it is nigh upon us!

As a fan of both art and video games, I figured it would be a pretty cool exhibit of everything “from Pac Man to Mass Effect” and definitely worth sharing.

The bonus? This isn’t just a sexy art exhibit with a video game theme…

This thing is going crazy with video game events: talks, art, demos, lectures, videos, kids activities, design, movies, you name it. It sounds really cool, and it’s giving me plenty to write about.

I’ll be including the more interesting events on my Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend posts over the next few months, but you should really take a moment to check out their line up, including the epic list of video game-centric movies they’ll be playing, like Tron, The Wizard (I love the power glove, it’s so… bad), The Last Starfighter, and more.

::nostalgic brain explosion::

The fun starts June 16th.