The Wizard

This weekend, Phoenix goes to the beach with zombies, has tea with the Mad Hatter, blows up monsters, plays way too many video games, and celebrates Fathers with science!

It’s a big weekend with lots to do. Enjoy!

Friday, June 14th

Zombie Bikini Contest [Mesa]

Some zombies love eating flesh and others love showing theirs off. If open sores and two-piece swimsuits sound like the perfect combo, Downtown Mesa beckons you with its 3rd annual zombie bikini contest.

Part of 2nd Friday’s Beach Party, at Queen’s Pizzeria around 8:30pm.

Cupcake! A Gothic Tea Party [Scottsdale]

Or, if you’d rather dress for tea with the Mad Hatter, there’s a freaky-deaky Wonderland party going on in Scottsdale. Crank up the dubstep and the costumes while pondering how a raven is like a writing desk.

Twinkle twinkle little bat, the Gothic Tea Party is at The Rogue Bar at 9pm.

Ultraman Taro 40th Anniversary [Phoenix]

Poor Tokyo. When it comes to ridiculous kaiju attacks, they just an’t get a break. Lucky for them, there’s Ultraman. Join other fans and try not to smile with unabashed joy as Ultraman wildly waves his arms around blows monsters up.

At the Film Bar around 10pm.

Saturday, June 15th

Free RPG Day

I honestly have no idea what goes on during Free RPG Day (… free …RPGs?), but if you’d like to find out, two stores are participating. In the East Valley – oh, excuse me – in The PHX East Valley you’ve got Bad Moons Gaming, and far to the west you have Imperial Outpost Games.

New Wii U Games at Tempe Marketplace

Nintendo is letting people play a few of the games they just announced at E3. Show up at the Best Buy at Tempe Marketplace and get a sampling of Super Mario 3D World, the newest version of Wind Waker, Mario Kart 8, and the new Donkey Kong Country.

From 1pm to 5pm.

The Wizard [Phoenix]

The Phoenix Art Museum is going to be playing some great video game movies this summer, and The Wizard (a 1989 commercial for the NES disguised as a movie starring Fred Savage) is kicking it off. Keep your eyes peeled for a tiny little Tobey Maguire sporting a glorious kid-mullet.

Starts at 2pm. Free with entrance to the museum.

Sunday, June 16th

The Art of Video Games Exhibit Opens! [Phoenix]

It begins! Check out the art, the interactive displays, and everything else. I’m excited, and it’s just starting.

At The Phoenix Art Museum, around noon.

Here is their website. You can play a little game on it.

Bonus: Father’s Day At The Science Museum

Celebrate the best day of the year ::cough:: with SCIENCE! (Sorry, I can’t not italicize the word science.) Entrance is free for dads and grandads, plus you get a “special token” of their appreciation.

Father-ish & science-y activities will abound.

Let me know what sounds fun to you!