This weekend, Phoenix rocks out with a few nerds, gets a little freaky with a few more, and plays tons of video games with the rest.

I once said that things tend to slow down in June.

I was wrong:

Thursday, June 27th

The Aquabats! & MC Lars at Warped Tour [Mesa]

Your favorite super-hero-surf-synth-rocker nerds are in town, as is nerdcore rapper MC Lars. You can enjoy both of them live, assuming you can handle going to Warped Tour at Quail Park.

Dan Mintz [Phoenix]

Mostly mentioning this because Dan Mintz does the voice of my favorite character on Bob’s Burgers. If you know who I’m talking about, you’ll probably want to catch his wonderfully awkward live show.Plus the dude’s wicked nerdy. 8pm at StandUp Live.

**I”m being told that using the promo code HEAT gets you free tickets. Worth trying!

Friday, June 28th

Sexy SciFi [Phoenix]

Personally, I love science fiction so much I think it’s all sexy. But if you prefer a little more zing with your speculative fiction, Scandalesque is putting on a Slave Leia leaning live show this weekend at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. Here’s a slightly NSFW (duh) flyer with more info.

The Minibosses [Tempe]

Join Phoenix’s very own NES Rockers as they par-tay! There’s nothing quite like Castlevania 3 played on a few electric guitars, and there’s nothing quite like live music (in my opinion). They’re joining a few other bands at The Yucca Tab Room – doors open at 9pm.

Saturday, June 29th

Meet The Curator: The Art of Video Games [Phoenix]

The madman that put together this whole Art of Video Games thing, Chris Melissinos, is going to be speaking at 11am at the Phoenix Art Museum. He’ll be sharing his experience developing the exhibition as well as an overview of gaming history.

Made In Phoenix: Indie Game Demo Night [Phoenix]

This sounds awesome. As a big fan of supporting local creativity, the indie community, and unique video games, it sounds like a sure thing. Local video game developers are showing off demos of the indie games they’re making at Game CoLab around 7pm. Plus their flyer is just… fly.

Sunday, June 30th

Screening of The Gamer Age (With Filmmakers) [Phoenix]

How has the world of video games influenced you? Check out this preview screening of an indie documentary that covers the world of video games – its evolution, its impact on mainstream pop culture – from arcades to iPhones. Watch the film then meet the filmmakers and pepper them with questions about how video games are more than just pressing buttons.

 How are you geeking out this weekend?