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With the basics under your belt, it’s time to level up and advance in your quest for the best Phoenix Comicon you can have.

Without question, one of the biggest parts of attending Phoenix Comicon is browsing the Exhibitor Floor. Wandering around and checking out costumes, vendors, and random acts of nerdery is a core part of the whole experience.


Remember that comfortable bag I suggest you bring with you? This is where you’ll really need it:

  • Be ready for freebies. Many vendors give away promotional materials, some of which you may like and want to keep. They can fill up a bag fast (or cover a bag fast if you’re big into buttons), so make sure you always have room for anything you might fall in love with.
  • Put your money in your front pocket. Not to get all paranoid on you, but there will be a lot of strangers carrying cash wandering around bumping into each other. Best keep your dead presidents somewhere a little more in your line of sight.
  • Bring a little bit of hand sanitizer. When you’re done browsing, let that sweet anti-bacterial goodness wash away any ickiness. Keep it in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t leak on your loot.
  • Keep your phone charged and ready. Photos aren’t just for posing with cosplayers – you never know what might happen or what you might find that you want to remember later. (Bonus: Bring a power strip to share an outlet and be everyone’s hero.)

And yes, I’ve already said it once, but I’ll say it again: Comfy shoes good.


Thousands of geeks wandering around a giant room with each other?! Let’s play nice:

  • Don’t be shy! Okay, you can be shy if you want, but seriously, if there is one place one time a year that you don’t need to be shy, the exhibitor floor is it. Compliment people on their costumes, obscure reference t-shirts, what they’re selling, anything you like. Make someone’s day. (Bonus: if you see a tall skinny dude with glasses, give him a high five!)
  • Vendors are people. Some may be bigger name professionals but most are folks who’ve invested in a booth, put themselves out there, and are trying and get the word out on what they’re doing. Listen to their stories, learn about their creations, support them if you like what you see.
  • Step aside if you need to stop. The spice attendees must flow. Everyone needs to stop now and then (hey, that hilarious tweet isn’t going to post itself), just shuffle to the side when you do. Easy.
  • Respect the guests. They do most of their signing on one side of the Exhibitor Floor. Just like anyone else, ask before taking pictures. If you’re feeling sick, don’t shake their hands. Lines for photos can get long – get in, get your photo, exchange pleasantries, then let the next person in line get their shot.

When in doubt, just remember: Be excellent to each other.

Crazy Things You Can Do

The Exhibitor Hall isn’t just for epic people-watching and buying stuff. Here are some random things you can do:

  • Put a bounty on your friend & let the Mandalorian Mercs put them in jail. Nothing says you care like sending bounty hunters after that special someone. Your friend will have to “break out” of jail, and I believe all bounties end up going to charity.
  • Shoot-A-Trooper. Think you can take down one of the empires best and whitest? Fire away. Find the 501st and go nuts. Also for charity.
  • The Travel Channel will be on the floor filming on Thursday. Check them out and be awkward on TV!

What else is happening on the Exhibitor Floor? Drop your sweet knowledge in the comments!

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