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This weekend, Phoenix has a SciFi Fantasy Convention, rocks out with astromen, fights alongside supermen, and celebrates the creativity of video games.

I’ll be out of town this weekend, so I need all of you to get out and make up for my absence.

Thursday, May 9th

LepreCon 39! [Mesa]

I love science fiction (a lot), and a decent amount of fantasy. But I’m definitely not the only sci-fi junkie around town. The folks behind LepreCon have been putting together a solid art-centric Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention for years now, and 2013 shall be no exception. The con goes all weekend and includes guests (including the ghost of Ray Bradbury, apparently), contests, panels, events, and even a film-festival / sci-fi mystery dinner theater.

Learn everything you need to fill your weekend with genre goodness over at LepreCon’s (very sparkly) site.

Man or Astro-Man?! [Phoenix]

I still remember seeing Man or Astro-Man? for the first time as a teenager. It’s hard to forget – they came out in NASA space suits, shred their axes for a while, then fired up a giant tesla coil and practically fried the place. Well, the insane space rockers are in town to once more grace us with their surf rock meets theramin meets outer-space music.

At the Crescent Ballroom (with Ra Ra Riot) with doors opening around 7pm.

Friday, May 10th

Three Fantastic Supermen! [Phoenix]

Superman is great and all, but what if we had three supermen? And what if those three supermen were fantastic?? I have no idea, but you can find out during what may or may not be the greatest superhero film of all time. Surround yourself with other crazy obscure film fans and enjoy the crap out of this one.

Show is at 10pm at The Film Bar.

Saturday, May 11th

Controllers & Canvas 2.0 [Mesa]

I really enjoyed last year’s Controllers & Canvas event. It’s all about the creativity behind video games – the art, music, storytelling, etc. This year they’ll still have costumers, artists, filmmakers, and even be giving away prizes like Phoenix Comicon passes. Plus, they’ll be doing a video game version of Beat The Geek.

At Bookman’s Mesa from 3pm to 7pm.

Have fun, cepholobots. No matter what you do this weekend, be excellent to each other.