This weekend, Phoenix follows the yellow brick road, dives into conspiracy, dines & draws, and never says “die.”

If you’re not too busy getting ready for Phoenix Comicon, here are a few reasons to get out and geek out:

Friday, May 17th

Room 237 [Phoenix]

I love a good conspiracy theory, who doesn’t?! But conspiracy mixed with Stanley Kubrick’s bizarre masterpiece The Shining? Like, woah man. Sign me up. Enjoy this documentary about theorist’s connections between the film and the ‘faking’ of the moon landing (and other historical events). At the Film Bar at 10pm, but screenings are all weekend.

Saturday, May 18th

Wizard of Oz Costume Party [Phoenix]

When I was little I read all of the Oz books. Now that I’m a dad, I can’t wait to read them all to my kids. They’re really good. If you feel the same way, you may want to join other fans at Bookmans in Phoenix for a costume party. From 12pm to 2pm.

Cult Classics: Goonies! [Tempe]

Hopefully Corey Feldman won’t make you perform the Truffle Shuffle to get in to see the Goonies with other fans. Cult Classics makes some pretty fun events out of watching great movies, so expect a little more than just a screening. Starts around 9:30pm at Tempe’s Pollak Cinemas. (Whew, I made it without using “Heeey yoou guuuuys!”)

Sunday, May 19th

Pre-Phoenix Comicon Dine & Draw [Phoenix]

Jesse James is filling up The Tilted Kilt downtown with comic artists, fans, cosplayers, media, and more. Celebrate the imminent comicon by drawing and talking comics with others. Starts around 6pm and goes all night.

Bam! See you guys next weekend?