Bookmans - Star Wars

This weekend, Phoenix gives away free comic books and uses the force – all in the same day.

And don’t worry if you forget that this Saturday is Star Wars Day, your social media feeds will be filled with people reminding you.

Thursday, May 2nd

Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Live

This one’s for you NPR junkies. Of course, if you listen to the station at all you probably already know about this event. The often hilarious and always witty quiz show is broadcasting live to theaters. Special guest: Steve Martin!

Honestly? I’d probably go just for Mo Rocca because I like saying his name. Go ahead… say it… Mo Rocca.

Broadcasting to theaters at 7pm. Get details.

Saturday, May (The) 4th

Free Comic Book Day!

It’s the perfect day to explore the world of comics – especially if you’re a new-comer.

Almost every event will be loaded with comic book fans, artists, and writers:

Plus all of the other comic shops around town will be up to something, I’m sure.

Star Wars Day!

Do you love Star Wars and terrible puns? Me too! Let’s celebrate May The Fourth together!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Let me know if I missed anything awesome. Be excellent to each other.

The rest of this post is brought to you by my 17 month old daughter who really wanted to contribute:

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