redshirt - flickr - Capt Tim

Phoenix recently finished up its Sci-Fi / Horror Film Festival and now, apparently, it’s Prescott’s turn.

Before you write it off as too far or too small, this “mini” Sci-Fi Festival actually has some pretty fun guests:

  • Hear from Rod Roddenberry (Gene’s son) after he screens his film Trek Nation
  • Ask David Frankham what it’s like being an actual “red shirt” in the original Star Trek series
  • Blink “yes” or”no” at Sean Kenney who played the “injured Fleet Captain Pike” in the original Star Trek series
  • Complete your DS9 autograph collection with Barry Jenner
  • And see Star Trek with new eyes as Jerry Chinn screens the motion picture with insights on the special effects

It will also have a gaming lounge, films like Galaxy Quest, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Forbidden Planet, and various nerdy activities like star gazing and panels on aliens.

The Mini-Sci-Fi Fest is from April 19th – 21st, part of the Prescott Film Festival

(Side note: their poster is amazing.)