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This weekend, Phoenix watches steampunk shows, old Japanese SciFi, cult classics, laser battles, running warriors, and more.

Kind of a random mix this time around.

Friday, April 12th

Game Co-Lab Sneak Peek [Phoenix]

The folks behind the Game Co-Lab project are keen to show off their potential space and discuss the whole Co-Lab idea. Show up at Levine Machine around 6:30pm and connect with the project if you’re interested.

Takusatsu Theater: Space Sheriff Sharivan [Phoenix]

The shows these guys put on are beyond my realm of knowledge. I could try to learn enough to make a quip about them, but I’d just end up falling down the rabbit hole of obscure Japanese pop-culture research only to resurface days later, dehydrated and confused. If you’re into random old Japanese SciFi, check it out. At the Film Bar at 10pm.

Saturday, April 13th

Warrior Dash 2013! [Phoenix]

It may be too late to register for the Warrior Dash, but I believe you can still enjoy the epic scene of costumed obstacle-coursers. Viking helmets, fire, capes, and mud shall abound. Dashing is happening all day at Camelback Ranch-Glendale.

Urban Arena LaserTag Charity Tournament [Maricopa]

Pew pew pew! Dude, I SO got you! Whatever! Fill your Saturday with conversations like this while helping out local charity Kids Need To Read! Phoenix Comicon will be on site with a few costumed characters. At Urban Arena Laser Tag, way down south in Maricopa. From Noon to 4pm.

Gamers Against Bigotry Photoshoot [Tempe]

A local photographer is trying to raise the standards of online gaming conversation and inviting others to join him. If you’re willing to sign a pledge to not be a total jerk-face online, he’s taking photos and playing games. Sounds like costumes are welcome. Starts at 6pm, location can be found on the Facebook event page.

Planet Poe Steampunk Show [Phoenix]

Retro-futurism is in the air this Saturday and this first steampunk event taps into the darkness of Poe. A mix of poetry, stories, art, and science fiction awaits any interested chrononauts. At the Alwun House starting at 7pm. Looks like tickets are quite a bit cheaper if you get them online.

Steampunk Theater [Glendale]

Up for even more steampunk? The Brelby Theater Company is putting on a steampunk version of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. I’ve been told that anyone showing up in appropriate attire to the show will get a discount on their tickets.

Cult Classics: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure [Tempe]

They say this film is playing… in the Alamo… in the basement! Put on a red bow tie and relive the nightmares that Large Marge gave you as a kid. Starts at 9:30pm at the Pollock Theater. Get tickets soon, or I’ll keep knitting, and knitting, and knitting, aaaand knitting.

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection [Tempe]

If you love awful, no-good, bizarre, terrible movies, chances are you loved Birdemic as much as I did. I have good news for you, my friend – they actually made a sequel, and it’s playing this weekend here in town. See if you can get through Birdemic 2 without knocking yourself unconscious at The Film Bar at 10pm. 21+ only.