This weekend, Phoenix brings together the nerds, the Trekkies, the strange film junkies, and the superheroes.

Another round of weird and wonderful things to do in Phoenix. Choose… wisely.

Thursday, April 25th

Star Trek: TNG Episodes In Theaters [All Over]

Remember when the Borg got Captain Picard and he was all like “Shut up, Enterprise, I am Locutus of Borg” and you were like “Whaat!?” and everyone on the bridge was like “wuuuut” then the camera slowly zoomed in on Riker’s face and he was all “Mr Worf……. Fire” and you were like HOLYCRAPWHAT!? TO BE CONTINUED!? and the music was all DUN DUN DUN… DUN DUN DUN!!

Of course you remember, because it was awesome.

Experience it all again on the big screen and see both episodes of The Best of Both Worlds stitched together into one big episode (or “bigisode,” if you will), surrounded by fellow fans. Streaming to most theaters at 7pm.

Nerd Night Phoenix 14

Elsewhere in the Valley, local nerds shall be coalescing at Carly’s Bistro in Downtown Phoenix to celebrate their cerebral powers and absorb even more knowledge. Instead of trying to convince you to show up and enjoy this, I’ll just let the absolutely amazing titles of the scheduled presentations do the heavy lifting:

The Fungal Kingdom: The Most Evil Kingdom of AllAnalog Gaming and The Coven of Nerds, and Why Math Doesn’t Suck (& What To Do If You Come Face-To-Face With A Space Alien).

You know you have to check it out now. Starts at 7:30pm.

Attack of The Giant Leeches [Mesa]

Or, if you prefer mixing really bad movies with a lot of improv, the National Comedy Theater is showing Attack of The Giant Leeches, removing all of the audio, and replacing it all with their own dialogue, soundtrack, and sound effects. All done live.

This one also starts at 7:30pm. Part of Bookmans’ Spoof n’ Cinema. Learn more here.

Friday, April 26th

Star Trek Video Game Demos [Tempe]

Didn’t get enough Star Trek at the TNG thing? Apparently there is a new video game based on the latest Star Trek film. If this excites you (and you want to play some demos and get posters and maybe even win a VIP pass to the new movie), make your way to Tempe Marketplace between 5pm and 9pm as they’ll have a gaming truck with all of these things.

Hat tip to Nerdvana.

Upstream Color [Tempe]

Anyone else seen the mind-trip-time-travel indie movie Primer? Well, if you haven’t, you should try it out – it’s pretty fun. Turns out the guy that made Primer recently made a new mind-trip movie (Upstream Color) and I’ve heard nothing but good about it, so I was excited to see that it’s playing at The Valley Art Theater this weekend.

Lots of show times.

Wizards! [Phoenix]

If Upstream Color left you wanting more whacked out mind bending weirdness, look no further than the insanity that is 1977’s sci-fi fantasy cartoon Wizards at The Film Bar around 10pm.

It’s… weird. I have no other adjectives at the moment. Weird works.

Saturday, April 27th

Ka-Pow! Superhero Run [Gilbert]

Dress up as a superhero! Go running! Bring the family!

Freestone Park is going to be flooded with superheroes of all ages at 8am for runs of various lengths. Dig it.