Flickr_Ignite Phoenix 14 - Photo By patrickem

I couldn’t make it to Ignite 14 last Friday, but thankfully the event is pretty big into sharing.

Not only do they stream it live online, but volunteers work to edit and get videos up as soon as possible.

If you’re not familiar with Ignite, they let 18 regular people get up on stage and give them 5 minutes to share what they’re passionate about.

Check out some of my favorite 5 minute presentations:

Citizen Science Arizona:

Bustin’ Makes Me (And You) Feel Good:

Why I Believe In Aliens:

I’ve presented at Ignite before, and I know the nerves that go into walking out there and bearing your soul – so an extra congrats to everyone that got up and presented.

If you feel like putting yourself out there, the next Ignite is in October. Here’s where you submit your presentation ideas.