This weekend, Bookmans is giving away VIP passes to the Phoenix Film Festival – all you have to do is “Beat The Geek.”

Contestants will gather to face “experts” in either Sci-Fi Film trivia or Horror Film trivia, whichever is your cup o’ tea. Trivia questions will be asked. Answers will be given. Champions shall rise and fall.

There will be blood.

If you’d like to take a shot at it, start studying up on your sci-fi and horror film trivia. (For best results I recommend turning your life into some kind of training montage set to motivational 80’s pop/rock over the next few days.) But even if you’re not feeling up to the challenge, just showing up and enjoying the show should make for a great evening.

  • Beat The Geek this Friday, March 15th at Bookmans Mesa.
  • Or Friday, March 22nd at Bookmans Phoenix.
  • Show up at 6pm to sign up; battle begins at 7pm.
  • Prizes will include VIP passes to the Phoenix Film Festival – including the Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival.
  • This is not a cheap prize, my friends.

For a few more details, swing by Bookmans’ site.

(Once again, I encourage Bookmans to open the event with this song.)