Neil deGrasse Tyson

This weekend, Phoenix toys with tabletop games, robots, the end of the world, collectables, and the cosmic heavens themselves.

By some strange coincidence, it would appear all the action is happening this Saturday.

Saturday, March 30th

International Tabletop Game Day [All Over]

Boardgames, cardgames, miniature games, role playing games – if you can play it on a table, we’ve decided to celebrate them this Saturday, because Wil Wheaton says so.

Looks like a few groups/places are having events, such as: The Game DepotThe UAG, The UAT. Desert Sky GamesImperial Outpost Games, and most, if not all, of the Game Daze stores in the malls.

I’m a big fan of Bang!, CAH, The Resistance, Pandemic, Last Night on Earth, and BSG (when people will play with me). How about you?

Desert Q – Robot Rodeo [Chandler]

Meet a few of your future overlords as Gangplank is filling itself up with robots for the day. It’s a family event filled with all sorts of robot stuff, so be sure to register. Starts at 9am and goes until 6pm.

Flying robot spiders?!! Well, we a good run, humanity.

Arizona Survivalist / Prepper Expo [Glendale]

Oh, but there’s hope! Get yourself 100% ready for your choise of apocalypse (be it zombie or robo) at the Prepper Expo. Stock up on everything you need to wander a lonely earth. I bet this thing will actually have some pretty sweet stuff, to be honest.

Don’t forget to pick up some pocket-sand while you’re there.

Nerd Swap & Shop II: The Quickening [Phoenix]

Of course, if pop culture is more your style there will be a veritable cornucopia of nerdage going on at The Trunk Space this Saturday. It’s Round II of their “Nerd Shop & Swap” and tables of collectables shall abound. I may try to swing out and browse for a few if I have the time. Should be pretty cool. Starts at 11am and ends at 4pm.

*I’ve been informed that wacked-out kaiju band Peelander Z is playing there that night as well. Bonus!

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: First Time Film Club [Mesa]

Air guitar! Wyld Stallion trivia, games, prizes, and the movie. Tailored for people who’ve never seen it before, but welcoming all fans, strange things shall be afoot at the National Comdey Theater at 2pm.

Be excellent to each other!

Neil deGrasse & Bill Nye [Tempe]

For those of us with tickets (it sold out), the time has come. Neil, Bill, Ira, and more will participate in a discussion on stage about The Storytelling of Science and The Science of Storytelling. I’m man enough to admit I grinned like a kid when I found out Bill Nye was going to be there. Starts at 7pm at Gammage. Swing by the event page on Facebook as people are coordinating spare tickets.

Enjoy! Get out and have fun. Let me know what sounds cool to you, or what I may have missed!