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This weekend, Phoenix walks with Dinosaurs, challenges local geek masters, visits the Overlook, and deals with aliens.

It starts off with harmless fun for the whole family, then quickly descends into a dark, dark madness…

Friday, March 15th

Dinosaurs Roaming The Mesa Arts Center

  • Ancient creatures are gracing us with their pre-historic presence and wandering the grounds of the Mesa Arts Center. They look pretty amazing and I’m sure any kids old enough to appreciate them would have a blast. They’ll be around from 9:30am – Noon until Tuesday.
  • Learn a little more at the MAC’s site.
  • (Cute side-story: I can almost get my 1 year old to whisper “Welcome… to Jurassic Park!” Still working on the sweeping hand motion.)

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The AZMNH Galaxy [Mesa]

  • The AZ Museum of Natural History is inviting families to spend the night and participate in space themed activities, including a space themed movie and building your own robot. Also, don’t panic!
  • Not cheap – starts at 6pm.

Beat The Geek! [Mesa]

  • Contestants will gather to face “experts” in either Sci-Fi Film trivia or Horror Film trivia, whichever is your cup o’ tea. Trivia questions will be asked. Answers will be given. Champions shall rise and fall. Take your shot at some VIP passes to the Phoenix Film Festival, or just show up and enjoy the carnage. I contributed a lot of the SciFi trivia, which was fun to come up with.
  • Show up at Bookmans Mesa around 6pm to sign up; battle begins at 7pm.

Saturday, March 16th

Cult Classics: The Shining [Tempe]

Gary’s Couch – Aliens Attack! [Phoenix]

  • Strange things are afoot at Space 55 as a local sketch comedy show called Gary’s Couch takes on alien invasion and time travel. I honestly have no idea what you should expect with this, but I have to admit I’m curious.
  • Stay up late and check it out at 10:30pm.

Madness, I tell you. MADNESS!

What sounds cool to you? Let me know.