tempe geeks night out

Crazy how time flies and all that – it just dawned on me how soon this event is.

I was able to attend last year’s Geeks’ Night Out, the city’s first, and I was pretty impressed with the turnout, participation, and overall nerd levels.

It’s a good time and something you can easily bring kids to, which is a bonus for me.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Thursday Feb 21st, from 5pm to 10pm on Mill Avenue – last year’s was in front of Madcap Theaters.
  • There’s a huge “comicon” atmosphere, so come in costume and/or enjoy others who do.
  • Festivities include live music, artists, robots!, a TARDIS, game truck, costume contest, and more.
  • Here’s the official site.

Who’s going? Let’s meet up!