Order of Electric Octopi

Some of you may know that I’ve wanted to try out podcasting for a while now, so I got excited when some readers approached me wanting to start one as well.

A few months (and one sexy microphone) later, local designer Austin Baker, local IT junkie Chris Dodson, and yours-truly gathered to chat and add just a little more geek to the local blogosphere.

The CephaloPodcast will be about nerdery in general, with an emphasis on the Phoenix area – hence being on Lightning Octopus.

We’ll be bringing on local guests to discuss anything they happen to geek out about, and what local scenes they’re involved in. We’ll be inviting quite a few people we know, but please connect with me if you are interested in joining us sometime, or if you know someone local who we should try and get.

You’ll be able to tell right away that we keep things pretty loose and casual, but hopefully not completely superficial.

If y’all enjoy, we’ll keep it up!