UFO Photo by: "Stefan"

This weekend, Phoenix hunts replicants, discovers UFOs, hacks arduinos, celebrates science, and goes to battle.

Another round of proof that Phoenix has an awesome geek scene:

Thursday, Feb 28th

Blade Runner Screening [Tempe]
  • One of the most beautiful films ever made, let alone one of the best SciFi films ever made. Join other fans at 6:30pm at the Marston Exploration Theater at ASU. Free and part of this weekend’s big Emerge 2013 event. Get all the details over here.

Friday, March 1st

International UFO Conference 2013 [Fountain Hills]
  • If you’re willing to drive out, you can fraternize with the best the world has to offer in aliens and their clandestine agendas. I swear I read somewhere that this is one of the largest UFO-centric gatherings in the world. Anyone confirm? All weekend long at the Fort McDowell Resort & Casino.
Hack Phoenix [Mesa]
  • I understand that this event may already be booked solid, but you can join in the fun online. Techies will be given a good part of the day, a secret ingredient, and HeatSync Labs’ resources to make something awesome and win fancy prizes. Enjoy all the hacky goodness streaming over at hackphx.com.
Urban Race: Phoenix

Saturday, March 2nd

Emerge 2013 [Tempe]
  • I’ve had more people tweet, email, and message me on Facebook about Emerge 2013 than anything else this week. Part of the Arizona Science Festival this ASU event boasts truth elixirs, laser-cut rock art, flash mobs, food trucks, vast crowds of masked faces, Native American rock music, cyborgs, and 3D printers. Can’t say no to that. Learn more over here. Take note this particularly fun sounding event called The Night of The Open Door.
Estrella War XXIX [Queen Creek]
Bam! Your weekend is now 1000 times more awesome.