voyage trekkers season 2

This weekend, Phoenix tries science, runs around in costume, beams up, and hangs out with Cory Doctorow.

Some pretty great stuff this weekend, most of it crammed into Saturday.

Saturday, Feb 9th

Arizona SciTech Festival Begins! [All Over]
Phoenix Idiotarod! [Phoenix]
  • (Yes, that’s really the name.)
  • Speaking of crazy events, you’ve gotta check this event out.
  • It basically involves wearing a costume, pushing a decorated shopping cart, and acting insane.
  • Benjamin over at Jackalope Ranch has a great write up on it. See if it’s up your alley.
  • Starts at 1pm at Margaret T. Hance Park.
Mardis Gras! [Phoenix]

Voyage Trekkers Season 2 Screening [Phoenix]

  • So some local folks film a Star Trek parody web-series here in Phoenix called Voyage Trekkers.
  • Join them at The Film Bar at 6pm or at 7pm.
  • They’ll be showing a few episodes from their newest season, as well as a few from Season 1.
  • You should check it out, they’re actually pretty great.

Sunday, Feb 10th

Cory Doctorow! [Tempe]

Let me know what sounds fun to you, and what I may have missed, that we may all partake!