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This Weekend, Phoenix draws comics, laughs at Dan Harmon, prances in the streets, and wears its underwear on the outside.

Quite a variety of events this time around. Nice to see things picking back up after the holidays.

Thursday, Jan 10th

Harmontown! [Phoenix]

You all know who Dan Harmon is, right? ::cough:: Community! ::cough:: Perfect. Watch him and Jeff Davis perform a mix of stand-up and live-podcasting at StandUp Live downtown. Starts at 8pm.

(And yes, Bob Saget will also be here this weekend. I once had a conversation with Bob Saget and it was the most awkward few minutes of my life. True story.)

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2013 Drink & Draw [Phoenix]

Or, you can kick off the AACC experience with some drawing, drinking, and tietops. They’re hosting a Drink & Draw at The Kilted Kilt downtown so you can mingle with even organizers and other comic book junkies. Just show up at 8pm with an appetite and some art supplies.

Friday, Jan 11th

Ye Olde Main Street Renaissance Faire [Mesa]

Verily! It’s time for Mesa’s 2nd Friday to go all medieval on us. Costume contests, juggling, merchants, wenches – and maybe even a spry young jester hurling poetic insults. Who knows? Squeeze into those tights and prance into Downtown Mesa between 6pm and 10pm.

Saturday, Jan 12th

Madoka Magica Parts 1 & 2 [Tempe]

I will confess I know next to nothing about this show, but Valley Art is playing it at 6:30pm, if anime is your thang.

Cult Classics: Weird Science [Tempe]

Fall in love with Oingo Boingo and LeBrock’s midriff  all over again. Cult Classics is turning Weird Science into a full blown event so you can share the joy with fellow fans. At the Tempe Pollock Theater starting around 9:30pm. Get tickets early.

Sunday, Jan 13th

No Pants Light Rail Ride 2013 [Phoenix]

Join the rest of the world in publicly sharing your best, geekiest, luckiest, (hopefully cleanest), pair of knickers. Local pranksters are organizing and hoping for a few Superman undies to make an appearance. The event is kinda all over the place, so be sure to join the Facebook event for details.

There you have it! Let me know what I missed.

Anyone think they’ll catch any of these this weekend?