This weekend, Phoenix has a comic book convention downtown, Riffs a bad movie, and kicks the kids out so it can play Atari.

Bummer news from AACC, but should still be a good time:

Thursday, Jan 24th

Rifftrax Live! Manos: The Hands of Fate [Everywhere]

  • If you love bad movies as much as I do, then get tickets now and go to this.
  • The guys behind MST3K will be riffing Manos (a wonderfully awful movie) and broadcasting it to theaters.
  • A few theaters ’round these parts are participating – show starts at 7:30pm.
  • Here are some more details.

Friday, Jan 25th

Amazing Arizona Comic Con! [Phoenix]
  • It’s year number three for this comic book convention!
  • Even though Stan Lee can’t make it (not feeling well), comic book fans should be excited that Jim Lee is still coming.
  • All weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Everything you need to know is on their site.
Play Date At The Children’s Museum [Phoenix]
  • The Phoenix Children’s Museum is kicking out all the kids and inviting all the grown ups inside for 80’s night!
  • Food trucks, cash bars, retro games, Atari walls, & slinky races.
  • Tickets are $15, get them if you can.
  • From 7pm to 11pm.

Saturday, Jan 26th

Young Adult Writing Conference 2013 [Mesa]

Get out, have fun, slay your weekend.