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Phoenix has had a lot of good nerdy fun this year. Let’s take a quick look back at it, shall we?

There’s no way I could mention everything that happened in 2012, but I took a stab at remembering a few of the events that seemed the biggest or most interesting to me.

Ahhh, the memories:


The year started off with Amazing Arizona Comic Con diving into its second appearance, bringing in Robert Kirkman again, as well as general comicon-ishness. TaiyouCon joined in as well for anime junkies, followed by DarkCon for fans of gritty fantasy. Musical geek icons Jonathan Coulton & TMBG even stopped in Phoenix to help nerd us up for 2012.


The Phoenix Comicon Kickoff packed an entire ballroom downtown with fans jumping from their seats as TNG stars were announced as guests, one after the other. Jennifer Lawrence showed up in Scottsdale to help fuel Hunger Games fever. Tempe’s Geeks Night Out was a huge success with a great turnout, prompting a future repeat in 2013. And Vul-Con spoiled us with gaming for one weekend, never to return.


Con-Ichiwa brought anime overload to Tucson while Chandler librarians helped LibCon celebrate comic books. The Phoenix Film Festival & SciFi Horror Film Festivals began, throwing film after film on screen for SF junkies like myself.


April gave us another installment of the long-running LepreCon. The filmers of Indie Game: The Movie (one of which is my exact twin) brought their beautiful documentary to Tempe. The Zelda Symphony came to town, as did the Aquabats! And you all made this octopus proud by volunteering to help AZ Assist put on a mini-comicon for kids with autism.


Ah May, the month where I somehow walked out onto stage for Ignite Phoenix and talked about how awesome Arizona’s Geek Culture is. It also gave us CostumeCon, and proved that Steampunk Street did not die with Evermore Nevermore. And, of course, Phoenix Comicon gave us the biggest nerd bash of the year while Kevin Smith and Nerdist Podcasts were being recorded downtown.


The heat gets to everyone in June, even geeks. Lightning Octocon happened, which was awesome. There was also Zombie Bikini contest that got a lot of buzz, and ConFlagration popped up as a new gaming convention in Tempe.


Batman’s Tumbler came to Phoenix in July, which ended up being way more popular than I thought it would be when I posted about it. Harry & The Potters rocked wizards in both Phoenix and Tucson (I took my boys). And Cult Classics put on another successful Ninja Turtles Pizza Party. Cowabunga!


The original gangsta of Arizona nerdery, Jayson Peters, returned to the valley for NerdvanaCon, and your friendly neighborhood cultists threw an HP Lovecraft Birthday Party. CopperCon returned to celebrate fantasy literature and gaming. Even Weird Al braved the heat to remind us that it truly is all about the Pentiums, baby.


However, fall came and with it more events. SabotenCon gave anime and video game fans a weekend of awesomeness and costumes. ASU began its Science Fiction TV Dinners (which I’m committing to make it to this January). Local Browncoats proved you really Can’t Stop The Serenity in both Phoenix and Tucson (well done, comrads). MC Frontalot visited KolCon and dropped some dope nerdcore,  yo. I hosted a Hobbit Trivia Night at Bookmans and watched a couple of 5th graders trounce everyone. Oh, and Steamcrow put on a wildly successful Keen Halloween!


This month tends to get a bit “zombie.” Phoenix FearCon freaked us out, people ran from rotting runners in the Zombie Buffet 5k, and Phoenix was home to another giant zombie walk. But we also had a Steampunk version of Alice In Wonderland take the stage in the East Valley, and LaughingMoon Con introduced teens to fantasy and gaming in the West Valley. The Oatmeal himself visited us in Tempe, convincing us our cats were out to murder us. The PBS Nerd Walk 2.0 brought us all together again, though I had to miss it this year (sad trombone sound.) And local NES rockers The MiniBosses put on their 250th show.


Tucson Comicon started the month off right down south, and Wild Wild West Con put on a Steampunk Masquerade here in the valley. I spoke about Firefly & Blogging at TechPHX, which was actually really fun. Two Star Trek TNG episodes were beamed into local theaters. And some local pranksters put on a public Flashmob Fiction experiment involving homemade Superheroes in Scottsdale.


Tis the season, and Dr Diabolic delivered with A Very Merry SciFi Christmas Show, including a visit from Darth Santa. The Addams Family Musical snapped its fingers, and the Future Loves Past Solar System Show is this weekend!

And the great news is that my calendar of 2013 events is already filling up.

The force is strong here, my friends.