Picture by: chris friese

This weekend, Phoenix battles giant robots, knights who say NI, nihilists, and the end of the world itself.

A lot of great stuff at The Film Bar this weekend, for some reason:

Thursday, Dec 20th

Robots! [Phoenix]

Friday, Dec 21st

Monty Python & The Holy Grail [Phoenix]
End of The World Party: Nerd Style [Glendale]
  • So I promised myself I wouldn’t post about any “End of The World” parties…
  • (There are at least seven trillion going on.)
  • But this one broke my eye-rolling exterior by being all about pirates.
  • Starts at 7pm at someone’s horse property – get details here.

Saturday, Dec 22nd

The Big Lebowski
Nightmare Before Christmas Party [Mesa]
  • What’s this? What’s this?
  • Jack Skellingtons everywhere?
  • Feel free to dress up, or just enjoy the black and white stripes/spirals.
  • At Monsterland around 9pm.

Have fun! Let me know if I missed anything.